Our stories link us to each other, fusing unseen bonds that connect our hearts in camaraderie. Stories engage the whole person. They draw us in, engaging us mentally and emotionally, and often igniting physical responses like knee-slappin’ laughter or heartfelt tears of empathy, or an offer of sympathy through a hug, a note, or a text message. We always react to stories with our whole selves: mentally, emotionally, physically.

 – Amanda Erickson

Too often we limit ourselves to our own experiences of God. But when we share our stories with each other, we come away will a fuller appreciation of the many ways in which God works in our lives. Our understanding is increased as we are open to the perspectives of others. On this page we will hear stories from our church community and about our church community. Our goal is to share with you insights from the past year regarding how the Holy Spirit is using Forest Grove Community Church as an instrument to facilitate Transformation in Jesus Christ in the lives of our church body.

Marriage Mentoring

Below is a Story of Transformation from Harry Strauss. Harry serves as Encore Pastor at Forest Grove Community Church and is involved with the Marriage Mentoring ministry.

brent-and-beccaJust over a dozen couples in our church have made themselves available for marriage mentoring. At this point ten of those couples are matched with younger couples where they endeavor to meet monthly, largely to converse around guided questions related to marriage. These are relationships where both couples are mutually enriched and blessed.

Brent and Becca Isaak are presently in such a mentoring relationship. In speaking about this, they say,

We love marriage mentoring!  It has been an invaluable experience to meet with an older and wiser Christian couple, who aren’t your parents, and who offer open, honest discussion and encouragement, assisting in your desire to build a lasting, stronger, healthier, and Godly marriage.

For those that might wish to learn more about marriage mentoring, please contact Pastor H. Strauss.

* Photo Credit Alison Jeanette Photography

France Team

Below is a Story of Transformation from Maryanne Berge. Maryanne serves as Mission’s Pastor at Forest Grove Community Church.

france-teamIn Nov 2015, Darla Boese went with a FGCC vision team, to visit our long term workers in France, to pray and serve alongside the French believers and help discern how we could partner more in France. While on the trip, Russ and Marjorie invited Darla and her family to return to France to join them on a Short term team that was being planned. They would join in a 2-week evangelistic tour using music as a platform to deliver the gospel to the unreached in this region.  This opportunity, was a natural step for our church to provide support to Russ and Marjorie and continue to explore how God may be calling us to serve in this unreached area of France.

Calvin and Darla were encouraged by all the support they had received for their planned trip to Southern France. Unfortunately, in April, they found out there were some logistical challenges to the Concert Tour in France and the plans have been postponed until June 2017.

boese-familyAlthough Darla and Calvin were initially disappointed about this, it became evident that God’s timing was best and He is preparing them to join the team next June. A year seems like a long time to wait for both the Boese family and the churches in France, but this delay will give the churches in France 12 months to secure venues for the concerts, time to gather a larger team and it also gives time for the Boese’s to pray, prepare and even learn some French! In fact, just recently, Denaya, Calvin and Darla’s 11 year old daughter decided to start Late French Immersion, with her biggest motivation being the desire to communicate with the people of France.

Will you join with this family and Russ and Marjorie in prayer and support as they continue to prepare for this exciting opportunity to serve alongside the small churches in Southern France next year? Maybe God is calling you to step out and join the team next June as well! We would love to send you.