Our stories link us to each other, fusing unseen bonds that connect our hearts in camaraderie. Stories engage the whole person. They draw us in, engaging us mentally and emotionally, and often igniting physical responses like knee-slappin’ laughter or heartfelt tears of empathy, or an offer of sympathy through a hug, a note, or a text message. We always react to stories with our whole selves: mentally, emotionally, physically.

 – Amanda Erickson

Too often we limit ourselves to our own experiences of God. But when we share our stories with each other, we come away will a fuller appreciation of the many ways in which God works in our lives. Our understanding is increased as we are open to the perspectives of others. On this page we will hear stories from our church community and about our church community. Our goal is to share with you insights from the past year regarding how the Holy Spirit is using Forest Grove Community Church as an instrument to facilitate Transformation in Jesus Christ in the lives of our church body.

We have chosen to post peoples stories without significant edits. People’s beliefs and opinions are their own and may differ from FGCC, we welcome this as a starting point for discussion as we believe that we are all in the process of transformation.


If you would like to share your story of transformation please respond to the following 5 questions.  (1 page typed or a 2-3 minute video):
email to grace@forestgrovecc.com
1) When did Jesus first get your attention?
2) What is a faith marker in your life?
3) What is Jesus doing in your life right now?
4) What is a favourite scripture and why?
5) Why do you love our church?

Below is a Story of Transformation from Maryanne Berge. Maryanne serves as Mission’s Pastor at Forest Grove Community Church. In Nov 2015, Darla Boese went with a FGCC vision team, to visit our long term workers in France, to pray and serve alongside the French believers and help discern how we could partner more in […]

Below is a Story of Transformation from Maureen Brown. Maureen serves as Children’s Pastor at the Attridge Congregation of Forest Grove Community Church. Both Stephanie Rediger and Allyce Brown have servant hearts and that was shown again this spring when they served at Preschool Fun Camp while on mat leaves with babies in tow. They […]