2019/2020 Registration

All registration will be done online this year. There will not be a registration night at the church.

FEBRUARY 1, 2019 registration opens for families currently enrolled in one of our preschool classes. If you have a 3 year old child who will be going into our 4 year old program and/or any children at home who will be ready for our 3 year old program next year, we invite you to register on February 1.

FEBRUARY 11, 2019 registration opens for families who had a child registered in the Forest Grove Preschool in the last 5 years. If you had one of your children in our program in the last five years, and have a new child you are wanting to register for 2019-2020, this registration period is for you.

FEBRUARY 25, 2019 registration opens to the public. Everyone is welcome to register at this time.