Chandra Styles

Youth Pastor
Phone: 306 933 2266 ext 233
My name is Chandra Styles and I have the joy of journeying with students in grade 7-12 as they seek to know and experience Jesus in their lives. The Lord got my attention at Camp Kadesh when I was 11 years old. I came home knowing that I would not be able to live out the commitment I made to follow Him if I didn’t have people around to help me. I began to attend Forest Grove Community Church because I could walk to it from my house. Soon I was knowing and experiencing Jesus more in my life and desiring to share that with those around me. It is 19 years later and I am incredibly blessed to be shepherding leaders and students at both Forest Grove and Camp Kadesh who are not so different from where I once was. I believe strongly that the local church is the best follow up to para-church ministries like camp and am still so humbled that Jesus has invited me into helping be the bridge He builds between the two. I also love hanging out with my ridiculously good looking husband Kirk, sharing our home communally with room mates (and whoever else may need it), traveling near and far to visit with family and friends, and sharing life over a good cup of coffee.