Family Reunion 2018

Have you ever wondered what a pastor does on a trip to engage in God’s global mission, along with part of our faith community in Panama? I’m so glad you’ve come to this web page to find out!

I’m trying to regularly post about my experiences (I think I might have promised to do it daily). Our team from Forest Grove is with other leaders in Panama to celebrate, plan and encourage each other. We’re calling it – Panama 2018 Family Reunion Trip. Did I mention I was excited?

I am grateful for your interest and your prayers.

Pastor Bruce

October 11, 2018


This was a trip of “leaders to leaders”, but we more aptly described it as a “family reunion”. Thanks for following the journey and praying for our team and this short time in Panama. We praise God that our goals for this trip were exceeded in many ways. We wanted to celebrate together what God has done in this partnership, we wanted to plan together for the future of this partnership, and we wanted to encourage one another in our faith in Jesus (Romans 1:12).  As the partnership expands and becomes more complex and beautiful, we wanted to have common understandings and commitments to each other, which we have come away with. Obdulio (the primary indigenous leader) said it well, how from their perspective, this relationship has evolved from us ‘adopting’ them, to a ‘partnership’, to now where they simply see it as being ‘family’ together. God is answering our hopes and prayers, and doing great things through this relationship from “the river to the ends of the earth”. Hopefully, (as Jim Davidson described it) you’ve been introduced to some of your distant uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters, who you have not yet met. Who knows, maybe one day soon you will…


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