No need to book a flight, find your passport or travel by boat in the jungles of Panama for this trip! Just click on this zoom link and join us for this virtual vision trip to connect with our ministry partners and global church family in Panama on Thurs May 20 at 10 am. This […]

Global Partnerships are the main focus of our global missions efforts. These partnerships are mutual, Spirit led and developed through relationship with our sent missionaries, national leaders, or national churches and ministries in areas Forest Grove is connected to globally. Click here to view our Global Strategy and Missions Convictions document. Trever and Joan Godard, […]

When Felix and Claudette landed here with their family last week they became permanent residents of Canada, which means they are no longer refugees! According to the 1951 Refugee Convention a refugee is “someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for […]

We are so excited to welcome a family from Burundi to our city and church. Claudette and Felix are from Burundi and were forced to flee their country, travelling with their 7 children to a Refugee Camp in Uganda, where they have been waiting for sponsorship. The Lord made a way for us to help […]

This week a team of leaders in Panama gathered to assemble basic food and household supplies for 61 families who are without an income because of the pandemic. Groceries are bought, supplies like toilet paper and soap are gathered and sorted into bags for each family. Some fresh fruit in season, like avocados and plantains […]