As Mission Pastor at FGCC I have the honour of walking alongside people who are discerning a desire to serve God in global mission.  I love this part of my role and am personally encouraged and challenged by the faith and the risk taking obedience to God’s invitation in their lives. It also reminds me that God is calling each of us to take a risk and walk in faith as we pray and send others to the nations. It’s exciting to pray to the Lord of the Harvest and see Him call out those he wants to send into the places that are ready for harvest.  Matthew 9:38  Let’s be asking Him how He is also inviting us to take up our role in sending!

Heather Ens, attends Attridge and has served on our Mission Mobilization team for the past several years.  She has a passion for our long term workers and has connected with many of them here in Saskatoon and in Thailand and Panama on short term teams we have sent out.  God has invited Heather to explore mission and discipleship through the MB Mission TREK program from May to Feb of this year.  She will be serving alongside long term workers in Germany ,where the church there is learning how they  are to love the many Syrian refugees who have been coming into the country. In the past 2 years alone Germany has received over one million refugees!  This has put much strain on the country, but has also given the church an amazing opportunity to love their neighbours who have been displaced.  Heather Ens Trek (digital)


Lavern Pratt, from the Broadway Gathering served in Panama as a young woman and mother for over 6 years, almost 30 years ago! Now God has invited her to serve again in Panama and explore how he may be calling her into global mission again in this new season of life.  Lavern will also be in the TREK program- starting with 2 months of discipleship in Winnipeg with other participants starting in May.  Pray for Lavern as she joins our partnership with Zuluaga’s and Foster’s in the jungles of Panama from July to Feb. 


To support them go to and choose TREK Central Canada and then Heather or Lavern’s name from drop down list.

Contact Maryanne for more info on other giving options if needed.
Thanks for loving the nations!