“The financial gift gave us encouragement that God was with us ”
Trever Godard, LTM in Mexico.

Living in Community at MTC Training Program

Living in Community at MTC Training Program

The challenges are many and often overwhelming for a person or  family to go through all the hoops to get to the mission field, and one of those difficult hurdles can be finances. To have  support from  this new  Mobilization Fund at Forest Grove will be a great help and encouragement to missionary candidates.

Just a few years ago, the Matthew Training Center in Guadalajara, Mexico discerned the need to purchase a property for their various training programs, and launched a fund raising campaign, at which time Forest Grove gave a very generous gift from the Baerg legacy fund , which blessed us tremendously and gave us encouragement that God was with us and that it would be possible to raise the sufficient funds necessary for this vision. At the time I had doubts that we would be able to do this, but their timely donation raised my faith to believe that God was going to bless us richly. Also, receiving a larger donation from a church fund is inspiring because it comes from many people working together.

To have a Mobilization Fund for missionary candidates who are in the beginning stages of discerning their call, or acquiring the necessary training, or making vision trips to the proposed country of service, will be a great bonus to their support fund, and also to their soul that many people are partnering with them through giving to this fund.

I encourage you to faithfully and generously support this fund to help the missionaries, and extend God’s Kingdom throughout the world as we all work together in different ways.

Trever Godard
Director, Matthew Training Center, Guadalajara, Mexico

To give to the Mission Mobilization Fund you can go online or give on any Sunday in Feb, marking your gift for Mission Fund. If you want more info talk to Pastor Maryanne. Thanks for helping to mobilize those who are ready to GO, your role of prayer and financial support are an integral part of making disciples in all nations!