Stories are the most powerful means to convey truth. That’s why Jesus continually taught in stories (or parables). Movies that are based on ‘true stories’ are often our favorite because the story is real, personal, and moves us emotionally. We all have our own stories, but sometimes we don’t reflect on them very deeply, or take the time to understand what has truly shaped us and created the lenses that we see the world through. We also need to learn and grow in drawing out, and really hearing other people’s stories – especially stories of pain and hurt – like the stories of racism that are rising to the surface and being seen, heard and told in our world today. It’s challenging all of us to learn how to listen, reflect deeply, and walk alongside each other in our stories.

But what gives context and meaning to all our stories, is God’s story, which includes us in it. It’s the one that is written through the pages of Scripture, inviting us in to continue to write with our lives today. It’s a comprehensive story of reconciliation and hope, found in Jesus Christ as the center and foundation. Jesus gives purpose, power, and maturity to the church, his body, in order that we might together live out a better story (Ephesians 1:22-23).

An update from Bruce Enns on April 9th, 2020.

An update from Pastor Bruce Enns on April 3rd.

At the last congregational meeting we heard a repeated curiosity about what is happening at North Site. Unlike many church plants, we continue to delay a public corporate gathering. In part this is because of the Council and Lead Team’s strategic decision to make Small Groups and Missions the primary ministry focus to begin with, and then adding the other two at a later time. However, there is lots that is happening at North Site. What follows is the reflection by one of our members on the ways in which North Site is currently living out Forest Grove’s four ministry areas.

1. Corporate Worship Gatherings – We meet as a larger congregation to worship through singing, reading of scripture, hear a sermon/devotional, report & rejoice with people’s missional efforts, praise and pray, hold each other accountable, share meals together and generally encourage and enjoy being in the presence of God & other believers. We are praying and discerning when we move to an open (or public) worship gathering.

2. Family Ministries – On any given Sunday, nearly 50% of our congregation is made up of children 5 years old and under. This emphasizes how critical the idea of family ministries, and specifically children`s ministry is & will be for North Site looking forward. As Brian mentioned at the last council meeting, this is a key challenge that is facing Broadway as well. We continue to discuss what this will look like. For now, I would say modeling Christian fellowship for our children to see is the key way the we disciple the children in our context.

3. Missions – This is the largest topic of conversation at any gathering (small groups or corporately) and is the reason why everyone at North Site has joined. We spend a tremendous amount of time praying into our communities and seeking the Holy Spirits guidance and favor in how we approach missions.

4. Small Groups – These have only just begun now in November (as for the longest time our Corporate Worship Gathering was essentially also a small group), and each group is discussing important questions such as: How do we engage with our communities? How do we invite people into our small groups on mission? What doors has God opened up for us that we need to engage with? And many more.