Join us this weekend at our annual Missions Festival as we LEARN what it means to understand the Islam faith and love our newcomer neighbours who live in our city. Seminar on Saturday at Attridge with Dr. T.V. Thomas. (registration required by Friday noon thru office)

Dr. Thomas will also be sharing at both locations on Sunday am during our worship services as well as during LIFEtime at 9:30 am at Attridge.

Come out Sunday night at 6:30 pm to PRAY , worship and hear a testimony from a Muslim man who met Jesus through a vision . North Site location in Silverwood on Goerzen St.

Our prayer throughout the planning of this weekend is that you would LEARN, PRAY and then ENGAGE with those that God has moved into our neighbourhoods from least reached nations around the world. Let’s respond with gospel compassion.  NOW IS THE TIME. 

Watch Ali’s story  of coming from Islam to Christ.

Prayer and Encouragement Team Visit

Prayer and Encouragement Team Visit

We are looking forward to welcoming J and A back to Saskatoon after their first term overseas.    They will return on Feb 7 for a few months and look forward to reconnecting with families, small groups and individuals again.  They are so thankful for the prayers, finances, encouragement and even team, pictured above, that FGCC sent to visit them this Fall.  Watch for more info on times they will be sharing with us in March, and plan to have them in your home to hear more personally about how life has been for their young family these past few years.

Needed Feb- May: Car seat to use for 3 year old and booster seat for 6 year old.
1-2 couches or chairs , single mattresses for kids, table and chairs to help furnish house they will be in for 4 months. Contact Maryanne or office.



Liana Penner lives and works in Trujillo, Peru.  She first went to Peru 17 years ago as a teacher and later was sent out through MB Mission and FGCC to support the ministry of an MB Church in the city, while continuing to give leadership in the English Dept of a local school.

Liana is hoping to build up her financial and prayer support team before she returns to Peru in the Spring.  Every 3 years or so MBM asks their long term workers to return to their sending churches and the offices in Abbotsford to reconnect and share what God is doing in the places they minister.  We want to invite you to consider investing some time in welcoming Liana to your home, your small group, or out for coffee, or perhaps you want to share an event in the city together.  If you know Liana, why not invite some of your friends for coffee to meet her as well! Be creative, be inviting and spend time learning how you can pray for and support the ministry that is happening in the church and community Liana is a part of in Peru.  She would love to get to know you and what the Lord is doing through your life as well.  This is some of the mutual encouragement that can happen as we share our lives together as in Romans 1:12 . ” When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.” 

To contact Liana email or call the office for her number.