A Sending Church is a local community of Christ-followers who have made a covenant together to be prayerful, deliberate, and proactive in developing, commissioning, and sending their own members both locally and globally, often in partnership with other churches or agencies, and continuing to encourage, support, and advocate for them while making disciples cross-culturally.” ( taken from The Sending Church Defined,Upstream Collective)

Sending prayer for Heidi and Logan

Sending prayer for Heidi and Logan to Japan for one year

Emma was a missionary for 32 years in India. When she returned to Canada she married Rueben Baerg, a widowed teacher and pastor. Together, in these later years of their lives they continued to share a love for the Lord and his word, for discipleship and mission. Their legacy reached from the River in Saskatoon to the ends of the earth in India; and their legacy continues to reach around the world impacting many. Rueben and Emma Baerg left a generous  gift from their estate in 2010 to Forest Grove Community Church which has been used to mobilize missions through short term partnerships and sending, over the past several years, and will be completed in 2017.

Emma Baerg- served 32 years in India

Emma Baerg- served 32 years in India

The Baerg fund was used to mobilize and multiply disciples in mission through a large donation to the Matthew Training Centre Property in Mexico where Trever and Joan Godard serve ( FGCC affirmed missionaries). Trever wrotethis gift blessed us tremendously and gave us encouragement that God was with us and that it would be possible to raise the sufficient funds necessary for this vision. At the time I had doubts that we would be able to do this, but the timely donation raised my faith to believe that God was going to bless us richly.”
The Baerg fund has also helped send out many young adults and families discerning a call to long term missions through programs such as TREK, or ACTION or through MTC in Mexico. As a church this fund has helped us pursue different partnerships with our long term missionaries sending vision and prayer teams to Thailand, France and Asia.

MTC Student Dorms and Courtyard

MTC Student Dorms and Courtyard

The goal of this new Mission Mobilization fund is to continue to support the development and sending of new missionaries from Forest Grove Community Church. Through our unified budget we are thankful for the support we commit to 19 affirmed long term missionaries every year. We want to have vision to send out more workers in the coming years as the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few ( Luke 10:2) The journey of discerning and preparing to be a long term worker has many stages. There are several young men and women in our church discerning God’s call to mission that our missions team is already walking alongside. We want to be a church with a vision to support the development of those who are willing to go out to the least reached in our cities and around the world. We believe in short term mission partnerships and experiences that lead to long term mission.
The fund will also help with one time needs that arise with our long term missionaries, and sending teams to encourage them.


Sending 3 short term workers to serve with our long term workers in Panama and Central Asia 2015/16

Would you consider a gift to this mobilization fund so we can continue to be a church that is prayerful, deliberate and proactive in developing, and sending our own members locally and globally? Gifts will be received on the Missions Festival weekend and throughout February to begin this fund (marked for Mission Project) Thank you for your generosity and the impact your gift will have in the Nations!

If you have any questions or want to see the guidelines we have in place for using this fund please contact Pastor Maryanne, Brian Heagy, Lloyd Postnikoff, Tori Braun, Jan Stirling, Heather Ens or Carey Schindel. ( The FGCC Mission Mobilization team)