Photograph by Ben Tan

Welcome to The Gathering at Broadway.

Our Vision: The Gathering at Broadway exists to see transformation in Christ for people who are drawn to the Broadway ethos — followers of Jesus and people who are disconnected from Christian Faith.

We desire to be…

…an open Community:  embracing all backgrounds and places on the journey…Belonging to Believing

… a discipling Community:  living by Word & Spirit…authentic spiritual growth

… a serving Community:  learning & risking together…to serve each other & the Broadway area

When and where we meet

Time: Our gathering begins at 10AM – coffee at 9:45AM – and goes to around 12noon

Where we meet…

Normally, “The Gathering” Meets at Victoria School – 639 Broadway Ave.

On Christmas and Easter we will meet at the Cosmo Senior’s Centre (614 11th St E)

The Gathering does not gather on the first two weekends of August because our venue is used by the Fringe Festival. We also don’t meet on the Sunday immediately following Christmas.

Kids?  There is a “play mat” in our main meeting area where kids can play during our gathering.
They are also invited to their own teaching time or related activities around 11AM

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals, and to prayer…and the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved. Acts 2: 42 & 47 (NLT)

The Gathering At Broadway

We aim for “church” to be more of a “join-me” than a “watch me” experience.  Our morning includes a coffee/brunch, so we can meet each other and just enjoy being together.  When seated, we face each other with a large cross in the middle of the room to draw our attention to Christ and each other… rather than a stage, speaker or band.

Yes, we still have music, Scripture, prayer, and teaching, but we encourage participation as much as possible. Our service typically consists of simple music (often just a guitar or two and a hand drum), with a sprinkle of liturgy (readings, Scriptures, prayers), a coffee break, Bible-based teaching time, and response (prayer, communion, or music).

Photograph by Ben Tan

This congregation is about 130-150 people, with a diverse but younger-leaning demographic. All ages and all backgrounds are very welcome!

blue-facebook-logoIf you are looking for the most up to date information about our Broadway Congregation, we invite you to check out our Facebook Group. We post most of our communication there.

Are you wondering if The Gathering at Broadway could be for you?

Here are a few ways to help you discern:

Are you looking for a spiritual community in the Broadway area of Saskatoon?

Do you have spiritual questions and need a place to safely ask them?
Regardless of background, you are welcome.

Do you live in or love to spend time in the Broadway area?

Do you have a church background, but haven’t gone in awhile?
It is OK to come “just as you are” and see if our community is a place where you could re-connect.

Do you believe in mentoring?
We have a lot of young single adults and couples…if you are more “life experienced” and would enjoy connecting with younger people, we would love to have you join us.

Please feel free to email Pastor Brian if you have further questions.