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Barbara Block

1) When did Jesus first get your attention?  It seems like He was always there, in the background perhaps, taken for granted, but always present.  In Grade 5 an 8th Grader challenged me with ‘God has no grandchildren, so are you his child? Have you said yes to following Jesus?’.  Not long after, I did […]

Operation Christmas Child 2020 Impact Report

Thank You! We are blessed every year to see boys and girls come to faith in Jesus Christ through Operation Christmas Child and then begin sharing the Gospel with their family and friends. In the last year alone, 2.4 million children who participated in The Greatest Journey committed to praying and sharing their faith. Since […]

He is Risen!

Special Invitation to all:  Please send us a short video of you or your household, with a simple greeting of “He is Risen!”  Some guidelines to follow when taking your video: If filming on a phone, please film in landscape (hold your phone horizontally). Please leave 3 seconds before you start talking, and 3 seconds after. If […]


We’re looking for a Children’s Ministry Assistant to join our staff team. Bring your administrative skills and love for kids to our GroveKids Ministry. Please see our website for more information.