We are so blessed by what God has been doing through the ministry of our Attridge Congregation of Forest Grove Community Church. As we strive to provide opportunities for people to experience Transformation in Jesus Christ, we have been excited to see the growth within our individual ministries as well as within our Sunday Corporate Gathering as a whole.

In January 2018, we added a second Sunday morning worship gathering to help make room for this growth. Since this move we have had almost a dozen services where the combined attendance of our first and second service is greater then the capacity of our room. Had we not moved to two services – we would have needed to turn away up to 200 people on each of these Sundays.

This is an exciting time for our Congregation!  We believe God is doing something special in the lives of the people at Forest Grove Community Church so that we might do something special for Jesus in the city of Saskatoon.

But this continued growth has led us to another challenge. Our 9:30am service has already almost filled to capacity, and there is now little room for growth in that service. In an attempt to provide room for growth at both of our Sunday Morning worship services, we will be adjusting our Sunday morning schedule in January 2019.

We realize that these changes will require each of us to sacrifice some of our personal comfort and be risk-takers to make room for those who God will bring to be part of our community. This is part of being mission minded and desiring to see His church grow.

How is the morning going to change?

Sunday Services at 9 and 11 am

with GROVEKIDS Small Groups and Supervised Nursery during Both Services

One of the adjustments we will be making on January 6 is that will be shifting our service times to 9 and 11 am. Both services will offer GroveKids drop off programming and a supervised nursery.

Our service format will be the same as what you are currently familiar with. We usually begin with a song and a “Call to Worship”, update you on a few items during Church Family Life and enter into a 30 minute teaching time during the sermon.

Following the sermon at both services, parents will be dismissed to pick up their children from the GroveKids Small Groups, and rejoin us for our response time. We greatly value this opportunity for kids to rejoin their parents after they have had their own Small Group teaching time. We believe that children need this opportunity to have worship modeled for them by other believers and that the children are a valuable part of our corporate worship gathering.

10:15 am Attridge Electives

Another of the adjustments we will be making to our Sunday schedule is providing Attridge Electives at 10:15am, in between the two Sunday services. Our hope is that this will provide more options to our congregation.

A Discussion Elective allowing for interactive dialogue related to the teaching of the Sunday morning service frequently facilitated by the person who preached that morning.

A Family Elective consisting of family oriented worship, Bible stories, skits, activities and various media methods for communicating the virtuous life God desires us to live. Our family elective is not a drop off program, so parents attend with their children. This elective is the PowerUp program we have offered in the past.

A Lecture Elective studying a book of the Bible taught by a qualified instructor. This elective will be similar to the LIFEtime lecture classes we offered in the past.

A Topical Elective providing a time of study of a selected theme. Various options of topical study will be provided throughout the year.

With the new schedule starting in 2019, you can choose to attend the first service and then go to or one of our Attridge Electives, or you can arrive at the church at 10:15am for one of our Attridge Electives and stay for the 11am service.

You can read more about our January Attridge Electives here.

Attend One – Serve One

One exciting benefit we have seen to having two services is that people now have the opportunity to attend one service and serve at another.  Having two services provides great opportunities for you to serve our local body on Sunday mornings – while still being able to attend our teaching and response time.

With providing GroveKids drop-off programming during both Sunday morning services, we have a significant need for many additional small-group leaders for all ages of children. We are proceeding forward in faith – but the reality is, we will need to almost double the number of people serving in GroveKids starting in January. Are you willing to serve on our GroveKids team?

We would love to discuss with you this, or many other ways you could serve on a Sunday morning. There is a fit for every person and every gifting. Visit the link below to begin the process of getting involved.

The Reality

We realize that these adjustments to our Sunday Morning schedule may cause inconveniences for you and your family, and may require you to make sacrifices. We are not adding a service to increase comfort, but because we need more space to reach people for Jesus Christ.

One of the ways you may feel inconvenienced is in the transition times during the morning. We are planning to shorten our service to 70 minutes (from 75 minutes.) Because of this the 9:00am service will end at 10:10am, leaving a short transition time before the start of our Attridge Electives at 10:15am.  If you plan to attend one of the Attridge Electives, we encourage you to go directly to the elective of your choice, where coffee will be waiting for you in the room. The Attridge Electives will end at 10:55, which leaves another short transition before the start of the 11:00am service.

As we were discerning the schedule for the morning, we felt it was important to prioritize the main services and start at easily memorable times. Although we value the Attridge Electives and providing time to socialize, we feel that the Corporate Worship Services need to take priority on Sunday mornings.

So Lets Do It!

Starting on January 6, 2019 our services well be at 9:00am and 11:00am with Attridge Electives for all ages in between the two services at 10:15am.

We encourage you to spend time discerning who the Holy Spirit is asking you to invite to Forest Grove. God fills rooms when we faithfully engage His mission. He entrusts people seeking Him to churches that are ready for them–and share His passion to seek and save what is lost.