Attridge Electives

Attridge Electives

Transitional Focus in January 2020

Your input is invited during the month of January to discuss our year of transition. Topics like worship, vision, and our Attridge values will be discussed. This will happen between services on Jan 12, 19, and 26. Therefore, PowerUp and our other 2 electives will resume on Feb 2.

Attridge Electives are not held on long-weekends.

Great elective options beginning Feb 2 2020:

The Whole Story – Location: Board Room Upstairs

Even though the Bible was written over a period of 1600 years, by over 40 authors on different continents, it describes one incredible story of God’s faithfulness to His people, and His desire to dwell with us forever.In this discussion-based class we will discover how each of the stories in the Bible reveal God’s heart for restoration and point us toward our Redeemer.

This class will walk through the stories of the Bible reflecting on four questions:  How does this story relate to the Old Testament? How does this story relate to the New Testament? How does this story relate to Jesus? How does this story relate to us today? This elective will be taught by Vi Petkau.

Hope in the Neutral Zone –  Location: Lounge

Moving, changing jobs, beginning school, starting a family, retirement…life if full of transitions.  Sometimes the most difficult place to be is the uncertain in-between, the place between grieving the past and embracing our new future.  For God to craft a new nation, He had to transition them from a ‘nation of slaves’ to a ‘people of covenant.’  God used Israel’s journey through the wilderness to transform their dependence and their worship.  In this 3-week series, Pastor Don will highlight several of Israel’s wilderness experiences and guide us toward transformation in our dependence and our worship.

Power-Up – A Family Elective – Location: Family Ministries Room

Consisting of family-oriented worship, Bible stories, skits, activities and various media methods for communicating the virtuous life God desires us to live. Our family elective is not a drop off program, so parents attend with their children(up to Grade 6). This elective is led by our Director of Children’s Ministries, Jodi Enns and the PowerUp Team.