Easter Sunday Services

Sunday, April 21 at 9am and 11am (502 Webster Street)

It’s Only Friday – But Sunday is a Comin’

Good Friday is not the end of The Story! We invite you to join us on Easter Sunday at either 9am or 11am am as we Celebrate Extravagantly that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive an active in our lives today.

Our Easter Sunday service is an upbeat, inter-generational celebration designed for the whole family, and is about seventy-five minutes long. The service will include video, live drama, and music led by a full band with opportunities for the whole family to be involved both during and after the service.

For this reason, we will NOT be running our usual GroveKids programming for Easter Sunday, and are asking children of all ages to sit with their parents for the entire service. The 9am and 11am service will be identical in content.

Join us as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

Flowering of the Cross

As part of our Easter Sunday services, there will be an opportunity for people of all ages to participate in the Flowering of the Cross, an Easter celebration that dates back to at least the sixth century (possibly even earlier.)

The Flowering of the Cross represents the transition from Good Friday to Easter, from meditation on Jesus’ death to joyful celebration of His resurrection. The ceremony transforms a barren cross, a reminder of Jesus’ death, into a vibrant Easter symbol. Covered with fresh, living flowers, the cross serves not only as an emblem of Jesus’ resurrection but also of the continuing presence of Christ among today’s Christians.

Throughout our Opportunity in Exile series, there have been “Pockets of Hope and New Life” scattered throughout the stage design. Promises that new life springs forth even in times of difficulty and oppression. The greatest source of New Life – the greatest source of Hope – the greatest source of growth can be found when we engage with the gospel message represented by the cross. This New Life in Jesus found at the cross is symbolized in the Flowering of the Cross celebration.

“New Life” Photo Booth

After each service we will be providing an opportunity for you and your friends or family to have your photo taken (with your camera, phone or mobile device) at our New Life Photo Booth – complete with live baby birds.

Spring is a season of new life and new beginnings. Trees awake from their winter sleep and burst into new green life, plants poke through the earth with the promise of spring flowers and tiny birds break out of their eggs to begin exploring the world around them.

Easter is also a season which holds the promise of New Life and Rebirth for us. As we reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus, we acknowledge that these events provide a path to new life in Jesus for everyone who puts their faith and trust in Him.

Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an entirely new creation. All that is related to the old order has vanished. Behold, everything is fresh and new.
– 2 Corinthians 5:17 (TPT)

Good Friday Service

Friday, April 19 at 7pm (502 Webster Street)

We invite you to join us for our Good Friday Service, as we remember the sacrifice which Christ paid for our sins. The service will include singing, communion, and various opportunities to participate. More information on our Good Friday Service is available here.