Thank-you for Being Part of our Team for Serving Communion

Welcome to the Communion Serving Scheduling page.  This page will provide you with information and links to make sure you stay on top of when you are scheduled to Serve Communion.

  • Forest Grove Community Church now uses Planning Center Online (PCO) to manage our Communion Scheduling. We realize that this may be new to you – but, we hope this webpage and links will help you better understand how to use it, how to navigate to the right views, and where to go to get information.
  • If you key in your cell phone number and cell service provider (this is explained in the video below) into your online profile, you can have your Communion Scheduling Updates texted to your smartphone. Great for people who don’t use email consistently.
  • PCO also has an free app available for most smartphone platforms (I-phone, Android, etc.) Some people prefer to use app instead of the website version.

Video Tutorial

This short video tutorial will explain to you how to get started with PCO.

You will learn how to respond to scheduling request emails, login, manage your schedule online, view your account settings and enable text messaging notifications.

Because we also use PCO to schedule our Worship and Nursery Teams, the video also explains features which may not pertain to Communion Servers (such as how musicians manage their music.) You can disregard these segments of the video.