What is the FGCC Care Community all about?

What is Care? A quick Google search reveals that it is the desire to pay close attention to, to feel concern and responsibility for and to look after and provide for those in your community. This is a very real definition of what Jesus has called us to do as a body of believers.

At FGCC we support by teaching, encouraging, and walking alongside, we minister through serving and, above all, we pray with and for those who are hurting. Delores Derksen gives leadership to this area of FGCC ministry.

Volunteers are recruited and equipped to offer support groups, visitation, meals, prayer shawls and help in time of crisis and/or change.


Working in specialized teams, members reach out in tangible ways to each other. These teams include Prayer Shawl team, Visitation team, Encouragement team, Flower Ministry team, Food Hamper team,  and Prayer team.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry was started late summer of 2006. The current leader is Delores Derksen, Director of Care. They meet about every 2 months during fall/winter/spring.  Call Delores at 306-381-5053 for more info

The focus of the Prayer Shawl is to reach out to people who are experiencing illness, challenging times of life, or feel isolated from the church family or perhaps don’t belong to a church.

“Shawls…made for centuries universal and embracing, syymbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify. We trust that as people receive these shawls they will feel uplifted, knowing as we have crafted these shawls, we have prayed for the recipient, even though at times we may not have known who would receive it.


This team works together to serve at funerals held at FGCC. Persons are flexible with their daytime schedules and willing to serve members experiencing loss.


A local flower shop donates “day old” flowers every two weeks and volunteers put together arrangements to distribute to hospitals, shut-ins and those in need of a cheerful bouquet.