4 Week Small Groups are a great place to: engage in biblical discussion, get to know new people, engage deeper in the Forest Grove Community Church community.

The 4 Week Small Groups concept started because we have many people that want to be in a small group but cannot commit to a group for a longer period of time. There are also people who have been in the same small group for many years, they don’t want to leave their small group, but would like an opportunity to meet other people then return to their regular small group. There are still others that are new to Forest Grove Community Church and just want a taste of what small group life could be like.

Our hope is that 4 Week Small Groups meet each of these needs.

4 Week Small Groups are created around a host who provides the dates, time, location, and size for the group. The content for each group is the Weekly Message Questions provided by the person preaching. Participants can view the groups currently available by clicking  Sign Up Now.

If you would like to be a 4 week small group host please email kevin@forestgrovecc.com