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Sunday Gatherings During COVID-19

As we gather during this pandemic we look forward to welcoming you in a way that is spiritually meaningful and complying with the Provincial Health guidelines. Gatherings will be open to those who sign up using Church Center (max.150 people to comply with Provincial guidelines). Weekly guidelines will be stated as part of the registration process since guidelines for gathering (eg. wearing masks) can change quickly. Registrations will be open on Church Center on Tuesday afternoons.

We will be live streaming our service for those who are not able to register. To view, click here  Due to the many volunteers and financial resources needed to live stream, we are carefully discerning the process for full implementation. We believe the shift to live streaming will better position us to disciple one another as well as adapt to government regulations. Live steaming will allow us to gather with varying sized groups during the pandemic as well as ongoing ministry afterwards.

Other details for our service:

  • Start time is 11:00am. To register for this weeks service use Church Center, Contact the office Monday – Friday, (306) 933-2266, if you are having trouble registering online.
  • Kids are welcome! We have packages available for kids to help them stay seated and remain socially distanced.
  • Welcome area and coffee will not be available.
  • Social distancing and all government guidelines will be required. The weekly registration process will clearly state the expectations for entering the building.

If you have other questions please check out our frequently asked questions page or contact the office.

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