Announcements and Updates for all three sites, including information about our response to COVID-19.

Would you like to learn more about our new neighbours beside the Attridge Site of Forest Grove Community Church? Use the button below to watch an update video with Lead Pastor, Bruce Enns and developer, Josh Remai. There is also an information video with Josh Remai on the Grove Condos.

Here are some highlights and a highlight video from our most recent Congregations meeting.


  • Ron welcomed everyone to the meeting and shared some thoughts from Ephesians 4.

Council Items/Updates

  • Ron led us through the minutes from the September 27 Congregations meeting and they were accepted as presented.
  • Jonathan shared about the Strategic planning that council has been working on from the Council Retreat, including the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). We have a history of big faith!
  • Kevin gave an update on Small Groups at Attridge.
  • Don gave an update on the live streaming technology that was approved at the September Congregations meeting. They have purchased cameras and a new sound board for the Attridge Sanctuary.
  • Brian shared how Broadway has been alternating between meeting at Attridge and on Zoom. Their meeting time also changed to afternoons.
  • Nathan shared how North Site is focusing primarily on Sunday morning gatherings and being missional with their neighbours.

Global Partnerships

  • Bruce introduced some of our global partners who joined for the meeting. 
  • Trevor and Joan shared how COVID has impacted them significantly at the Matthew Training Center through loss of revenue with rental groups and uncertainty with their next group of students that they could lose due to fear of the pandemic.
  • Einer and Gierlesa shared about how their church was one of the first to have COVID including Einer and Girlesa themselves. Overtime they have been able to change the fear into hope. It was a learning experience for them as they learnt to trust the medicines and allowed the Indigenous people to take care of them. Einer organized work teams to plant crops to produce food for them and their community. They are thankful for God’s provision and security.
  • Obdulio and Alina shared that there are a few people infected currently and they are learning to take proper precautions and to overcome the fear that came with that. People are struggling to make a living as the economy is down. There are many families with children and no school so there is an increased cost to get kids educated.
  • Maryanne shared some of the history of when we first started supporting Trevor and Joan and Einer and Girlesa. 
  • We are now transitioning from supporting Einer and Girlesa and Trevor and Joan to partnering with the churches and ministries happening in both Mexico and Panama. 
  • The plan will be to bring these developing partnerships from both Turkey (who weren’t able to join this November Congregations meeting) and Mexico to the March Congregations meeting for approval.

Operations Report

  • Sue shared an operations report (click here for the full report).
  • Our auditors gave us a clean audit and were happy with how our financials looked. 
  • The Congregations approved the 2020 Financial Statements.


  • Kevin introduced Amy Funk who shared a testimony by recorded video and became a member of Forest Grove Community Church (she has already been baptized). Watch video here.
  • Ron opened up for others to share any testimonies of what God is doing in people’s lives.

Effective Sunday, November 29, 2020, Forest Grove Community Church will be ceasing our in-person Worship Gatherings. This includes all Worship Gatherings across all sites until January 9, 2021 at the earliest.  

As a Church, we want to support the people and systems that are made vulnerable by the effects of COVID-19. We want to be part of the solution and reduce events that could spread this virus. 

We believe that the Church doesn’t exist within our walls; the Church is all of us. We believe the Holy Spirit is still within all of us and will continue to work even if we don’t gather in person.  

Online options will still be available, and updates for other ministries will happen through our site pastors and weekly emails.  

Pastor Bruce has more information in the video below.