May 11 Update

At our last meeting to discuss our 3rd site discernment with the congregations of Forest Grove Community Church, a number of great questions were raised. We have managed to compile answers to some of these questions, and wish to share them with you below.

What is the estimated annual operating costs for Site 3? (and what’s included in that?)

  • Including all hard costs (mortgage, utilities, maintenance, salary, benefits, snow removal, custodial supplies, security system, internet, ministry programming)
  • For 9 months: $103,000
  • For a full year: $133,000

What was the summary of the building inspection done?

  • We had a complete building inspection done on the Silverwood Church performed by the Commercial Building Inspector “All in One.” The building seems to be in pretty good condition for its age. Like any aging building, there are some maintenance items needed, but nothing major stood out to the inspector. The following is the summary from page 43 of the report:
    • The building shows well for its age. the main roof was fairly new but the trailers flat roof will need immediate repairs.
    • The staining in the front outside wood soffit most likely happen before the new shingles were installed.
    • The main building windows were sealed and fresh air to the building was not found, recommend budgeting for HRV system or fresh air intake to the furnaces air return from the outside, HVAC technician should be consulted and provide estimates.
    • All furnaces were in good working condition on the day of the inspection but recommend servicing older furnaces and A/C units by certified technician. Recommend replacing furnaces filters every 2 to 3 months.
    • The wood fascia will need some repairs in the near future.
    • Recommend keeping gutters and downspouts clean at all time.
    • Observed only one receptacle outside, recommend electrician to install additional plugs for staff block heaters.
    • Recommend motion sensor light outside by all exit doors for safety.

What is the process, reality of the title and relationship between us and the SKMB / CCMBC in regards to the property? What financial obligations are we taking on? Who then owns the property?

  • Living Hope has retained a lawyer to transfer title to the SK MB Conference. The SK MB Conference will transfer title to FGCC. We will “own” the property exactly as we “own” our Webster property, based on our bylaws. We will assume an approximate $198,000 mortgage. The SK MB Conference is coordinating this process, including the dissolution of the provincial incorporation of Living Hope and the initial transfer should be completed by the end of May