We had a great Congregation meeting on March 13, where we had the opportunity to begin discerning the possibility of beginning a third congregation of Forest Grove Community Church in the community of Silverwood. A number of people had specific questions regarding this opportunity. Some of these concerns are addressed below.

  1.  If we are already engaging in a search for a new pastor for our Broadway Congregation, won’t a second pastoral search pull our attention away from the search for Broadway?
    • We believe it is possible to do two pastoral searches at the same time, in fact, this might actually be desirable. In both cases the role involves significant preaching (about 70% of Sundays), leadership, discipleship, equipping and some administration. In both cases we are looking for someone who is spiritually healthy, has a minimum of 5 years full time vocational ministry experience, a related ministry/theology degree, and proven leadership ability. The similarities of these two roles are probably greater then the differences.
    • By searching for both of these roles at the same time, we might find that someone who applied for one of the roles is actually a better fit for the other role. Searching for both roles concurrently actually provides many efficiencies in the process.
    • Hiring two candidates at a similar time may also allow us to coordinate their orientation and entry into ministry at Forest Grove Community Church.
  2. Is the location of this building in the best location in the city? Are there better neighborhoods to launch a new site in?
    • In our experience the location of the building is not as important as what happens in the building and the surrounding community.
    • Currently we see people drive across Saskatoon to engage in a specific congregation.
    • A very large percentage of the people who attend the Attridge congregation do not actually live in (or even close to) the community of Forest Grove.
    • We need to keep in mind that launching a congregation in Silverwood does not preclude the possibility of adding future sites in other parts of our city.
  3. What about baggage from the past congregations who met in that building? Haven’t two churches there already failed?
    • First, we wouldn’t say that Living Hope “failed.” They had an important and successful ministry in that building. We have talked to people whose lives were transformed for Jesus through the ministry of Living Hope. Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for everything. There are seasons to life. We must not assume (or say) that because the season of their ministry is over – their ministry has failed.
    • We also must not be afraid of failure. We want to make wise, informed decisions based on God’s leading of our congregation, but we are never guaranteed success (at least not by our standards) in everything we do. We are simply called to follow and be obedient. “Failure” isn’t a bad word.
    • We would also want to see a complete closure of the current church, including a three to six month waiting period before our launch of a new ministry in their building. We are not reviving something that was once there – we are planting a new work in that site.

April 17Join us for a congregation meeting on Sunday, April 17, immediately following the service at both sites. This will be a follow-up to the discussion at our March Congregation Meeting with more information and answers to questions raised at that meeting. There will not be a vote on April 17.

In preparation for this meeting we encourage you to download and read a copy of the UPDATED DISCERNMENT DOCUMENT . You can also pick up a printed copy of the document from the Welcome Centre.

We will also be meeting on Sunday, May 15 immediately after the service at both sites for a short recap of information as well as a vote as to whether we should proceed with this third congregation opportunity.