In 2016 our Broadway and Attridge Congregations voted to affirm the launching of our third site in the Silverwood Heights area of the city. Throughout the 2017 year a core group made up from members from both congregations and others began meeting, equipping and praying as the new site began.  On August 15, 2018 Nathan McCorkindale stepped into the Site pastor role giving oversight and direction to this growing site of Forest Grove Community Church.


The core group is still doing the work of refining our vision. However, we have been given a clear mandate by the other congregations of Forest Grove Community Church to reach out to the places where God is working, but the church has not been traditionally present. To accomplish this, we continue to delay any public worship gathering. Our purpose is not to invite people to church but to be the church in our communities. The North Site Core group does gather in various places and times for the purpose of mutual encouragement, worship, and training one another in obedience and discipleship.

If you want to know more about our vision and values and the process for becoming part of our North Site core group please contact Nathan McCorkindale  (or any of the other member of the North Site core group) for more about how to get involved.

Core Group

Peter and Arlene Block

Scott and Maryanne Berge

Jesse and Jaclyn Cressman

Shaun and Victoria Dyck

Heather Enns

Logan and Heidi Foth

Dustin and Laurelle Hamm

Spencer Groenenboom

Nathan and Nicole McCorkindale

Leighton and Carol Tebay

How to Pray For North Site

Pray for North Site core group and Nathan as they seek to flesh out how to best structure themselves to reach their communities

Pray that those in the North Site will find people of peace to help them make inroads in their communities

Pray for open doors to share the gospel and that we will be faithful missionaries and ambassadors of Jesus in all times, places and situations.