Saskatoon North Congregation – started Fall 2017!

(but not with a public Sunday gathering)

In 2016 our Broadway and Attridge Congregations voted to affirm the launching of our third site which will eventually meet at 102 Goerzen Street in the Silverwood Heights area of the city. The vote was overwhelmingly positive at both Broadway and Attridge!

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We have offered the role of North Site Pastor to Nathan McCorkindale and he accepted. He was unanimously affirmed by congregational vote on March 4, 2018. His start date will be August 15, 2018. Click the HERE for more information about Nathan.

We are continuing to looking for people who might be interested in being part of the core group for this initiative. More information at the link to the right.

Third Site Update

August 30, 2016

Here is a summary of the process we are in for site 3

Vision Discernment Team: this team of 8 people from staff and council will discern a more focused vision for the new congregation as well as its uniqueness from other FGCC congregations. A focus of outreach (people group), type of ministry (Sunday and other times), and use of facility will be part of this discernment. This team is had their first meeting on August 30 and expect to have a recommendation for Council on September 27. The team consists of: Rob Neufeld, Dwight Makaroff, Maryanne Berge, Tori Braun, Chandra Styles, Clint McDonald, Bruce Enns and Dale Dirksen.

Pastoral Search Team: this team of 8 people will do the pre-candidating search work. Their job is to match a person to the discerned vision and recommend that person to council and staff. We hope this team will begin meeting in early October and have a recommendation by the end of October. The team is: Colleen Foth, Lance Brown, Gerry Willms, Judy Wainman, Shaun Dyck, Bob Climenhaga, Bruce Enns and Dale Dirksen

Site Leadership Team: this is a team of 10-15 people who will meet monthly with the site pastor to help with the operation and ongoing implementation of the mission of the site. Members of this team are expected to be “all in” – their ministry, relationships, small group involvement, etc. will be centered in the new site and not other sites of FGCC. Married couples can both be part of this team. Once we have a clearer sense of vision, we will begin the process for discerning people for this team.

Candidating: a pastoral candidate who is recommended by the search team, affirmed by staff, council and the Site 3 leadership team, will speak at both current FGCC congregations. This will be followed by a congregation vote. We hope this will happen in late fall/early winter.

Congregation Launch: we anticipate that the launch of Silverwood Site will be gradual. A possible scenario might be: new pastor arrives in very late fall; new pastor meets regularly with the Site 3 leadership team for prayer and affirmation; (he or she will also be present at Attridge and Broadway for at least a couple of Sundays each); site 3 may launch publicly early in 2017.

Somewhere during this time, an appropriate name will be chosen for site 3. This may be related to the focus, mission, location or some other aspect of the site.