Who We Are

The North Site is one part of Forest Grove Community Church. Located in Silverwood Heights our desire is; To be a congregation living as sent ones, bridging culture, to engage all people with the good news of transformation in Jesus Christ.

We meet regularly in each other’s homes in what we call Small Groups on Mission. The purpose of these groups is to build community, experience and model the love of Jesus, train one another in obedience, serve others and proclaim the gospel.

We also gather weekly to worship God (revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through music, prayer, scripture, and the Eucharist.


In 2016 our Broadway and Attridge Congregations voted to affirm the launching of our third site in the Silverwood Heights area of the city. Throughout the 2017-present a core group began meeting, equipping and praying as the new site began.

In August 2018 Nathan McCorkindale stepped into the Site pastor role giving oversight and direction to this growing site of Forest Grove Community Church (FGCC). Through the winter the core group has worked to find it’s rhythm of Small Groups on Mission as well as forming a weekly worship gathering.

When FGCC sent out members to begin this new work they gave a clear mandate to reach out to the places where God is working, but the church has not been traditionally present. To accomplish this, we have continued to delay any public worship gathering. Our purpose is not to invite people to church but to be the church in our communities.

If you want to know more about our vision and values and the process for becoming part of our North Site core group please contact Nathan McCorkindale  (or any of the other member of the North Site core group) for more about how to get involved.

What is happening at North Site?

  • Corporate Worship Gatherings – We meet as a larger congregation to worship through singing, reading of scripture, hear a teaching/devotional, report & rejoice with people’s missional efforts, praise and pray, hold each other accountable, share meals together and generally encourage and enjoy being in the presence of God & other believers. We are praying and discerning when we move to an open (or public) worship gathering.
  • Family Ministries – On any given Sunday, nearly 50% of our congregation is made up of children 5 years old and under. This emphasizes how critical the idea of family ministries, and specifically children`s ministry is & will be for North Site looking forward. We continue to discuss what this will look like. For now, I would say modeling Christian fellowship for our children to see is the key way the we disciple the children in our context.
  • Missions – This is the largest topic of conversation at any gathering (small groups or corporately) and is the reason why everyone at North Site has joined. We spend a tremendous amount of time praying into our communities and seeking the Holy Spirits guidance and favor in how we approach missions.
  • Small Groups – These have only just begun now in November (as for the longest time our Corporate Worship Gathering was essentially also a small group), and each group is discussing important questions such as: How do we engage with our communities? How do we invite people into our small groups on mission? What doors has God opened up for us that we need to engage with? And many more.

Core Group

Peter and Arlene Block

Scott and Maryanne Berge

Jesse and Jaclyn Cressman

Shaun and Victoria Dyck

Heather Ens

Logan and Heidi Foth

Dustin and Laurelle Hamm

Nathan and Nicole McCorkindale

How to Pray For North Site

Pray for North Site core group and Nathan as they seek to flesh out how to best structure themselves to reach their communities

Pray that those in the North Site will find people of peace to help them make inroads in their communities

Pray for open doors to share the gospel and that we will be faithful missionaries and ambassadors of Jesus in all times, places and situations.

Pray that the Core Group will have wisdom and creativity as they look for ways to maximize the use our building. Pray that our building will become a hub for spiritual community and a physical blessing to the Silverwood Heights neighborhood