Saskatoon North Congregation – Coming Soon

On Sunday, May 15, 2016 our Broadway and Attridge Congregations voted to affirm the launching of our third site which will meet at 102 Goerzen Sreet in the Silverwood Heights area of the city. The vote was overwhelmingly positive at both Broadway and Attridge!

Please continue to pray as we take steps to launch this new congregation!

We are in the process of discerning the site pastor role for our new congregation. More information is available at the link to the right.

We are continuing to looking for people who might be interested in being part of the leadership team. More information at the link to the right.

North Site Tempus

What it is: It will be a Temporary 8 week corporate worship gathering in our north site building (tempus is the Latin root word for temporary). It will be simple and scaled down. One worship leader, one speaker, (maybe one additional service leader) – we’ll follow the Romans series in focus. We will rotate different staff through there as available to serve. There will be no child care or children’s ministry but rooms will be available for parents to take their children.

What it is not: this is not the launch of our north site, nor even a discernment group for north site. It will not try to be like an Attridge service, nor Broadway service, nor even represent a future north site service – it is unique and temporary.

Why do this: both our Attridge and Broadway sites have a good problem Sunday mornings – we’re FULL – and we have an empty building waiting for a new initiative. This will hope to alleviate some of this pressure prior to the summer downturn in attendance, but also give people a chance to take a small risk (go once or twice to a service there). It’s a short-term opportunity for us to “step into the water” of the Silverwood area and try something to see how God leads through this.

When: We will begin on April 30th and go through to June 18th – 8 Sundays. It begins at 10:10am. The time is both memorable, and allows for people to drive back over to either Attridge or Broadway if the site is too full that morning. This will not continue after June 18th as we have plans for renovations through the summer.

We will begin inviting people to consider to this soon in a variety of ways. It would be great if 50 people from Attridge and 15-20 from Broadway would consider this each Sunday. We have no idea how this will turn out, but our highest core value is Faith. And so we are taking a small step of risk taking obedience to see what God might do through this.