Saskatoon North Congregation – started Fall 2017! (but not with a public Sunday gathering)

In 2016 our Broadway and Attridge Congregations voted to affirm the launching of our third site which will eventually meet at 102 Goerzen Street in the Silverwood Heights area of the city. The vote was overwhelmingly positive at both Broadway and Attridge!

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We have invited Nathan McCorkindale to candidate for the North Site pastor role. This will happen on March 4, 2018. He will speak at both Attridge services on that day and be available for a meeting with any FGCC people at 4PM that day as well. The congregations of FGCC will be invited to vote on the process to hire Nathan at the Congregation meeting the evening of March 4 (starts at 5:30PM with a chili supper). Click the HERE for more information about Nathan.

We are continuing to looking for people who might be interested in being part of the core group for this initiative. More information at the link to the right.

Core Group Meeting

In Fall 2017 we began our North Site congregation! This started with a 6 week gathering of a core group that will be the first stage of the new congregation. We are continuing to meet in 2018.

Our vision for North Site is to reach out in places where God is working but the church has not been present. We will be focusing on mission training and developing small missional communities at this time. We will be delaying public Sunday gathering until at least fall of 2018 and maybe longer. Throughout 2018 we will continue to be inviting people to consider engaging with this initative.

Please email Dale Dirksen (click name) if you are interested in joining this initiative or just have questions. We would like to see the core group grow over the next few months.


In case you wondered…

… we have invited Nathan McCorkindale to candidate for the North Site pastoral role. Please see above for more about this. Please continue to pray for this final stage of our selection process.

… the renovation of our North Site building is complete.