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Panama Team – Orientation Week

Brady and Dina, the team leaders for Panama have been in Gretna, Manitoba for the weekend!  The rest of the team leaves Monday morning to join them in Gretna for a few days together before heading out to their ministry in Panama on July4.

Why Gretna?  Well we are joining the MB Mission ACTION Orientation program ( with  teams going to Japan, Mexico, E. Asia, Thailand/Burma, Brazil, Malawi) for a time of spiritually preparing our hearts for serving through worship, intercession and reflection.  We are learning more about culture, serving the Global church, children’s ministry, evangelism and more.  We are forming team and building on the preparation we have already done as a team in Saskatoon- conflict resolution, personalities, and our spiritual gifts.

Along with the Panama team Curtis Strauss who is leading a team to Asia,  Heidi and Logan Foth who are preparing to teach ESL in Japan from Sept to next July are also here!  Pastor Maryanne and JoAnne Epp have joined them as support, resource and intercessors for  the participants.

It has already been an awesome weekend of meeting with God and preparing to lead and serve one another. Thanks for your prayers!

Prayer points:

  • Pray for God to be preparing communities- Platanares, Yaviza and Capeti in Panama. We sense a calling to pray for healing, freedom and for truth to go out.  Isaiah 61:1-3
  • Pray for Nicole as she has injured her foot and has some pain when walking.  We ask for healing in the name of Jesus!

Sending Panama Team 2014


FGCC is preparing to send a team to Panama to minister among the Wounaan people in the communities of Platanares and Yaviza this July.  Would  you join our team of 7 in prayer and financial support? See more info on Panama Team and how to be involved!

Missions Festival 2014 Giving Project

As we look at I Peter 2:9 we read that we are “called out to declare praise” and to make God known among the nations.  One way we are doing that is by adopting a Bible Translation project among the Parakana speakers in Brazil.  With a gift of $30 a verse of scripture will be translated into this language spoken by only 1350 people in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. As they receive the scriptures they will understand more of God’s love and grace in their lives.


Parakana Translation Team at Work

Families and individuals of all ages can contribute to this Bible Translation project through the Seed Company to see  several books of the Bible ( 1,2 Timothy, Titus, Thessalonians, Acts ) translated for the Parakana language group.

The result of your giving is a clear and accurate translation of the Bible. This is accomplished through a rigorous six-step process in every language:

  • Produce a first draft of Scripture portion after careful analysis of what the passage says.
  • Perform a team check of the first draft to make sure it is clear and accurate.
  • Test the new draft within the community to make sure it sounds natural and clearly communicates its intent.
  • Check the quality of the draft by making a literal ‘back translation’ of the draft into English or another major language.
  • Have professional translation consultants check the translation for faithfulness to the original languages.
  • A final careful proofread of the translation prior to publication.