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Panama Team 2016

PANAMA: May 18-30

*****Panama BBQ Fundraiser is happening May 1 right after the service! Come join us for a burger and leave a donation for our Panama team!*****

In just a few weeks our team will be heading down to Panama to help with the construction of the Foster’s new house! The Foster’s are building a home in Yaviza, beside Einer & Girlesa’s in the camp. We are excited to reconnect with our friends and partners in Panama. On the ground in Yaviza, our team will be working alongside a group from the Wounaan church, and an individual from Arnold MB church in Abbotsford.

We want to invite you to join our team through prayer, encouragement or a financial gift. Each team member contributes personally and will help with fundraisers, but we also need support form individuals. As a team we hope to raise $8,800 to cover travel expenses, as well as raise an additional $7000 toward construction of the Foster’s new house. We raise funds as a team and if more funds than needed com win they will be used for similar mission projects in the future. Thank you for your generous support to makes this partnership possible! 

Cheques should be made out to FGCC and tax-deductible receipts will be given for donations. Funds should be marked for ‘Panama Missions Team’ and can be given to team members or sent to the church at
502 Webster Street, Saskatoon, S7N 3P9 

To read our team letter, click here: FGCC Panama Letter.

Foster House 3 House1


The Boese family- Calvin, Darla and kids- have been invited by R & M Speiser to join a music ministry team in France. Darla was part of the FGCC vision trip to France last fall, and as a church we affirm their participation in a 2-week evangelistic tour in France that uses music as a platform to deliver the gospel to the unreached in this region. This upcoming trip is a natural step for our church to provide support to R & M in their mission to reach the people of France for Jesus.


The music ministry tour met some unexpected challenges and plans have shifted. Please read the update below from Calvin and Darla, and continue to pray for the family as they look to next summer. 

Hello Friends and Family,

Over the last month, Calvin and I have been encouraged by all the support we have received for our short term missions trip to southern France and are super excited about this opportunity to help reach out to the people in this region.  We have been blessed by prayer and financial support, and in fact, thanks to many of your donations, we have already received 85% of our financial support! We are so grateful to each of you who are praying with us and have contributed to the mission to share Christ’s love.
Unfortunately, we have just found out there are some logistical challenges regarding reservation of venues for the concerts that were to be held and the missions trip has been postponed until June 2017.  Although we were initially disappointed about this, it has become evident that God’s timing may work out even better next year. A year seems like a long time to wait but that will give the churches in France 12 months to secure venues for the concerts, time to possibly gather a larger team and also more time for us to learn French.  We are so thankful that most of our support is already in place and MB Mission will hold all the funds until we require them next year.
If you would like to know more details please contact us and we can share more with you.  We will also keep you posted on developments and things to pray for throughout this next year.
Darla & Calvin

Refugee Resettlement Update

We have received an update from our Refugee Resettlement team. It is pretty long – but is a very powerful story – and definitely worth taking the time to read!

The first Syrian Refugee Family which our church sponsored arrived 13 days ago. Most of you have probably seen the Global news clip with the welcoming so we won’t go into much detail about that. It was a beautiful, emotional reunion. The whole group felt so blessed to a part of that special moment.

FGCC RefugeeAfter the airport, a few members of our resettlement team took the family to their new home on in the Lawson Heights area. They are living in a duplex with a wonderful landlord who came to Canada as a Refugee many years ago. The landlords daughter lives in the basement suite of their house along with her two young daughters. They have been WONDERFUL! They’ve spent time with the family, they’re very helpful in answering questions… it’s just an all around great thing they have going there.

The family was so excited – thanking us over and over again. The home that they lived in before was about the size of their living room is now. From what we understand, the bathroom was across the street and the kitchen was about a block away. The family of 6 spent all of their time together in that one small room. When the mom and dad found out that they had their own room, they were THRILLED!

The next few days were very busy for them! They were taken to get groceries, some school supplies, they set up a cell phone & internet, taken to their medical appointments, went through a budget and spent some time at the bank. We really just tried to get them settled into their new home and city.

They wanted visitors basically every night which meant that someone from our team was there with them each evening for the first week. Most of these evenings were filled with stories about their lives as well as questions about their new appliances, etc.

Stories coming out of those visits were so encouraging! We were under the impression that the family knew very little English before they arrived, however, we are able to slowly get through conversation without a translator present. The biggest advantage and blessing to us is that they WANT to learn and they are willing to keep trying, even when it is really hard. Their willingness will get them very far.

They have been very vulnerable in sharing about their experiences with the war and how their family has been affected. It’s encouraging to see the way they are processing these things already. We expected that it would take many months before we could ask some of those tougher questions and paint a small picture of what it might have been like for them. We’re so thankful that they trust us and are excited to share with us.

The kids started school on Monday, March 7th. They are going to Lawson Heights Elementary and are really doing well! They are very bright kids. It will take some time for them to adjust socially, but they will get there! The school has many different immigrant children attending so this will definitely help them, as the teachers have a better understanding of what they’re going through, as well as their peers. The children are SO sweet.

The parents are on the list for taking English classes in the day. They have been recommended to attend here at Forest Grove Community Church because it is the shortest waiting list. They anticipate that they will begin classes within the next couple of months. They are very much looking forward to this.

Last night we had a gathering of our whole team together, along with the family. We shared a meal together and then had a time of sharing. The family started by reading a beautiful “thank-you” letter where many were brought to tears.

The rest of the time involved asking them questions about their lives pre-war, what happened when the war started and when they realized they had to flee their homes, what life was like in the Refugee camps and then what the process of coming into Canada was like. They LOVE it here. The father shared that he was scared at the beginning as he didn’t know how he was going to provide for his family here in Canada – it was so unknown.

An interesting fact – as we all know, the Government wanted 25,000 refugees to come to Canada before the end of February. They were told that they were on the very LAST flight of those 25,000. He shared that with a VERY big smile on his face. Praise God for His perfect timing.

It was wonderful to be together. We have been SO blessed by the last 13 days.

Continue to pray for peace for the family. They are bound to face some obstacles in the upcoming weeks and months as they really settle into life here. Pray that they would continue to be open to learning, that they would seek community here in Saskatoon and that eventually we might be able to share our faith with them as time goes on.

Hope this helps paint a little bit of a picture of what our time has been like. There are SO many stories we could share.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers over the last many months. We can’t wait to see what comes in the near future!