FRANCE 2017 Missions Update 

The Boese family- Calvin, Darla and kids attend the Broadway Gathering congregation of FGCC- they have been invited by Russ and Marjorie to join a music ministry team in France June 2017. Darla was part of the FGCC vision trip to France  Oct 2015, and as a church we affirm their participation in a 2-week evangelistic tour in France that uses music as a platform to deliver the gospel to the unreached in this region. This upcoming trip is a natural step for our church to provide support to R & M in their mission to reach the people of France for Jesus.

Prayer over Thau Bassin area in South of France

Prayer over  this area in South of France

If you would like to know more about this opportunity there may be a few spots open to join the team in France this June. Contact or Darla and Cal. 

Hello Friends and Family,

 Calvin and I have been encouraged by all the support we have received for our short term missions trip to southern France and are super excited about this opportunity to help reach out to the people in this region.  We have been blessed by prayer and financial support, and in fact, thanks to many of your donations, we have already received 85% of our financial support! We are so grateful to each of you who are praying with us and have contributed to the mission to share Christ’s love.  We look forward to the trip this June and ask for your continued prayers.
Pray for:
  • The church in France as they plan this outreach tour
  • Favour with city officials as they book venues for the concerts
  • God preparing hearts to hear the message of hope in the Gospel
  • For Calvin, Darla and 3 children as they prepare
God open doors for sharing the Gospel in France

                                        God, we pray for open doors in sharing the Gospel in France

To financially support the music ministry tour and the Boese family, donations can be made to MB Mission. All funds go toward the tour and furthering the Speiser’s ministry in France.


GroveMissions Short Term Mission Affirmation Process

Do you consider Forest Grove Community Church your home church?  Are you involved in serving here? If so, and you are going on a Short Term Missions Trip ( under 2 years) we would love to hear about it! Please download the STM Affirmation Form 2015 and send it to and we will get back to you within a few weeks.

(note: this affirmation form is not needed for FGCC teams being sent out)