Council Meeting Highlights

January 31, 2017

Council Members Present: Clint McDonald (Moderator), Mark Trew, Janice Block, Byron Jantzen, Elizabeth Mainprize, Ron Mackay, Logan Foth, Dwight Makaroff (Secretary) Regrets: Jim Davidson
Staff Present: Bruce Enns, Dale Dirksen, Maryanne Berge, Brian Wiens

(from Pastor Bruce’s report)
For many months we have been hopeful that we could finalize an agreement to develop the empty lot beside our church. With the withdrawal of Luther Care and Meridian, we are waiting and trusting God for what lies ahead.

At the same time, our commitment to our North Site remains unwavering. The pastoral search committee has worked their way through all the applications, completed a first round of interviews, but has not found a good fit yet. We are beginning again, with additional applicants and have had another interview. But it is still not yet clear who will lead our future site.

So what do we do?

We continue to pray, plan, and take steps – but we are seeking the leading of God just as He led Israel like a pillar of cloud and fire. We want to move as He moves and also wait as He asks us to wait. Waiting is an active posture of faith.


  • Missions festival – February 4-5
  • Karen Block, Alan and Colleen (South Carolina based) are home
  • Liana Penner is in Saskatoon to raise support
  • Maryanne going to MB Mission office Feb 6-9 with Liana
  • Jason and Amber are in Saskatoon Feb-May
  • Resettlement of Burundi Refugee Family – Tori Braun and team

Advent Giving Project:

  • $30,332.48 was given in Dec 2016!

Baptism and Membership:

  • Kevin Wiens will be meeting with the largest group we’ve ever had for baptism and membership classes beginning in February

Motions at this meeting:

  1. To disperse the Advent project giving by $16,000 to support Long Term Missions, to replenish the Benevolent fund to the balance before the 2016 hampers and the remainder to The Bridge on 20th.
  2. Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) of 1% for staff was reviewed and affirmed.

Financial Update: July 1 – December 31

(YTD means Year To Date)

Dec 31 Financials

  • 2015 numbers are adjusted to reflect YTD
  • Expenses are significantly under budget partly because site 3 expenses are not at full expected amounts

We praise God for His continuing faithful provision!