The Hub is a new way for you to connect with the church. You can sign into small groups, volunteer for needs in our community, register for special events, and connect with others within our church  and view your up-to-date personal giving contributions. At our Attridge Congregation it will also allow you to securely check in your children on Sunday morning

Your information is kept secure with private, password-protected online access.  If you would like more information about The Hub, please contact the church office.

Join our Online Directory

Although Forest Grove Community Church no longer prints a Church Directory, “The Hub” allows people who have created a secure online profile to view an online church directory. The information is only shared with people who have created a secure Forest Grove Community Church Hub account.

If you would like to include your contact information in the online directory so others from our Church Community can view it, please complete the following simple tasks:

1.  Log into your account on “The Hub”

2. Under the “Home” menu (top left side of menu bar) click on “My Account”

3. From the Menu that appears, click on “Personal Preferences”

4. Place a check mark beside “Include my family in the Family Directory and Individual Directories. ”

5. Place a check mark beside the information you are comfortable sharing with other people from our church community. Be sure to put check marks in both the “Family Directory” and “Individual Directory” boxes.

6. Click “Save” in the bottom right hand corner of the box.