Parent Connection

We believe (and research shows) that parents are the most influential people in a teenagers life, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem that way! We want to help you be the spiritual leaders of your family, including your pre-teens and teenagers.

Our youth programs are meant to supplement that leadership, by providing other adult and peer influences that believe in Jesus Christ and want to follow Him.

Parent Communication

We communicate in a variety of ways so that you as a parent know what’s going on at GroveYouth!

Text Messages – We send out a text message to let you know what’s going on weekly and if there are special registration deadlines. Sign up below.

Parent Connection Monthly Emails – Each month we send out an email which communicates the events of the month to follow, the topics we are teaching on, and any other special information that may be helpful to understanding your students’ life at GroveYouth. Sign up below.

Parent Facebook Group – Updates are made weekly to let you know what we’re doing. Click here and request to be added.

Contact Info – For info on who to contact click here.


At GroveYouth we have an All Year Waiver. That means students won’t have to bring a waiver for each event they come to – makes life easier for all of us! Its super important to get this waiver to us as soon as possible. You can do this in two ways:

  • Download, print, fill out, and bring to youth on a Tuesday or Friday
  • Fill out, scan, and send to

Text Messages

To subscribe to our weekly text messages, following these instructions:

  1. Enter this number into your phone: (306) 992-7228
  2. If you are a Sr. High Parent, text this message to that number: @groveyou // If you are a Jr. High Parent, text this message to that number: @groveyout
  3. Wait for your confirmation and then you’re all set!
  4. If you ever want to unsubscribe to the text messages, please send this message: unsubscribe @groveyou

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We love each and every student that comes to GroveYouth each week! We want our youth program to be a welcoming & accepting environment. Because of that, we feel it’s important that students know that there are expectations of them during their time there. To assist us in keeping a safe environment, we would love it if you, as parents, would also reiterate these priorities of their conduct at our youth program as well.


All students are welcome at GroveYouth. We expect them to feel that way and to express that to other students. 


We want each student to feel safe to have fun, express themselves, and explore their faith freely. This safety should be felt both physically and emotionally. Because of this, we want our words and actions to reflect openness to what others believe even if it is different than ours. We expect that GroveYouthers would not mock, make fun of, or degrade others for what they believe or how they express that.


We believe that each student and leader deserves dignity and respect. Again, we desire GroveYouthers’ actions and words to reflect this. We expect them to respect other students, what the leaders ask of our students, and our facility. We also expect them to be respectful during learning times and worship times, even if they do not choose to believe or participate in those times themselves.


We love that students want to stay connected with their phones. We are welcoming of the usage of phones in the first portion of our night. We have a point called GRACE PERIOD right before our learning time together. Grace Period usually happens around 9 p.m. and is a couple minutes for students to send their last texts, snaps, and instas. After Grace Period, we expect students to put their phones away until the end of the night so that we can engage in learning together as a community. We would also expect that students would not take and post pictures of others who are not aware, especially in a mocking way. This is considered online bullying, and we take it very seriously.


We expect that when students are dropped off//show up for our program, that you as parents are trusting them to stay in our facility. We cannot force a child to stay at the church. We have had many students leave during our learning time and go to McDonald’s and other areas of the neighbourhood. We cannot control this. If you do not want your student to leave the church, please talk with them about your expectations.


If we feel that these principles are not being adhered to, that it is a disruptive and hurtful thing for our community. If we find a student has not followed through on these expectations, we will address it with the student. If they continue the action, we will call their parents and ask them to pick the child up. They will not be welcome again that night but will totally be welcome again the next week and any week after. If we feel like an action is persistent and harmful enough that it is seriously endangering safety in our youth community, a meeting will be set up with parents and the student to address that student’s further presence at GroveYouth.

We feel these expectations are appropriate for an environment that all are welcome and safe in. If you have any questions about these expectations, please contact Chandra.