We are so blessed by what God has been doing through the ministry of our Attridge Congregation of Forest Grove Community Church. As we strive to provide opportunities for people to experience Transformation in Jesus Christ, we have been excited to see the growth within our individual ministries as well as within our Sunday Corporate Gathering as a whole.

People are resonating with what we are doing during our Corporate Worship Gatherings, and this is resulting in growth. There are constantly new faces in our foyer. And it is becoming more and more difficult for people to find a parking space or a seat in the sanctuary for our services.

This is an exciting time for our Congregation! We have a practical problem (we’re out-growing our building) for which there is a practical solution (move to two services.) But we believe something more than just “practical growth” is happening here. We believe God is doing something special in the lives of the people at Forest Grove Community Church so that we might do something special for Jesus in the city of Saskatoon.

Because of this, we have the exciting opportunity to make room for the people God is bringing to the body of Christ here at our Attridge site. It is our hope that by moving to two Sunday morning services we will reach new people with the Gospel message and have more frequent attendance and engagement from those already connected with our Attridge congregation.

We realize moving to two services will require each of us to sacrifice some of our personal comfort and be risk-takers to make room for those who God will bring to be part of our community. This is part of being mission minded and desiring to see His church grow.

What will our morning look like?

9:30AM Service

with GROVEKIDS Small Groups and Full Nursery

If you currently have children attending GroveKids Small Groups during the service, or if you attend one of our LIFEtime Classes, you will want to attend our 9:30am service. Coffee will be on in the Welcome Area at 9:00am. You can drop your children off at their GroveKids Small Group Rooms prior to the service (just like you do now) and enter the sanctuary in time to begin our service at 9:30am.

Our service format will be the same as what you are currently familiar with. We will begin with some songs as a Call to Worship, update you on a few items during Church Family Life and enter into a 30 minute teaching time during the sermon.

Following the sermon, parents will be dismissed to pick up their children from the GroveKids Small Groups, and rejoin us for our response time. We greatly value this opportunity for kids to rejoin their parents after they have had their own Small Group teaching time. We believe that children need this opportunity to have worship modeled for them by other believers and that the children are a valuable part of our corporate worship gathering.

11:15AM Service

If you do not have children in GroveKids Small Groups, or you do not attend LIFEtime classses, we encourage you to consider attending our 11:15am service.

Relax at home in the morning and have a nice brunch with your family or friends before arriving at the church at 11am to grab a cup of coffee as you enter the sanctuary. Our two services will be virtually identical: featuring the same worship team, the same songs, and the same sermon delivered by the same pastor.

LIFEtime Classes for adults and PowerUp for Young Families will begin at 11:15 a.m. as well.

We encourage our young families who were part of the 9:30 service to stay for PowerUp, which consists of worship (led by our kids worship team), Bible stories, wacky skits, hilarious activities, and various media methods for communicating the virtuous life God desires us to live. PowerUp is not a drop off program, so parents attend with their children in order that they can hear the same teaching together, and throughout the week they can have conversations around what they have learned.

PowerUp and LIFEtime classes will conclude at 12pm.  Following PowerUp, families are invited to join others in the sanctuary for a worship response time, or if you have attended the first service, it’s the perfect time for you to head out for lunch as a family, or  invite another family to join you for lunch at your house.

As PowerUp for Families runs from  11:15 – 12:00, there will not be drop off children’s programing during the second service.  At this point we do not have a fully staffed nursery during the second service, but our hope is to work towards implementing a full nursery ministry during the 11:15am service in the months to come.

Our second service will conclude at 12:30pm.

Attend One – Serve One

One exciting benefit of moving to two services is that people have the opportunity to attend one service and serve at another. Maybe God is calling you to serve consistently in our Nursery at the 9:15am service and attend the 11:15am service. Maybe God is calling you to attend the 9:30am service and usher during the 11:15am service each week. Having two services provides great opportunities for you to serve our local body on Sunday mornings – while still being able to attend our teaching and response time.

We would love to discuss with you the many ways you could serve on a Sunday morning. There is a fit for every person and every gifting.

The Reality

We realize that moving to two services may cause inconvenience for you and your family, and will probably require you to make sacrifices. We are not adding a service to increase comfort. We need more space to reach people for Jesus Christ.

Although you may not attend the same service as everyone you know, there will be time between the two services to connect with your friends. We also acknowledge that we need to “Grow Smaller as we Grow Larger” and encourage you to join a Small Group if you are not already part of one.

At first, both services may feel more empty and have less energy then we are used to, but you can help us fill the room by discerning who the Holy Spirit is asking you to invite to Forest Grove. God fills rooms when we faithfully engage His mission. He entrusts people seeking Him to churches that are ready for them–and share His passion to seek and save what is lost.

So Lets Do It!

Starting on January 14, 2018 we will no longer have a 10:30am service, we will have a 9:30am and an 11:15am service. Come join us for one!