What to expect at our Worship Gatherings.

As you arrive at our facility, you will be welcomed at the main door by a greeter – who will help you find where you are going. The people serving at our Welcome Centre in the main lobby will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you have children with you, our GroveKids team (wearing Lime Green shirts) will be happy to explain our children’s programming options to you, which are different at each of the services. For information about our children’s ministries, please visit our GroveKids page .

Our Sunday corporate worship services typically are 75 minutes long. People wear what they are comfortable in – which means some people dress quite casually and others dress more formal.

We have chosen to implement a “revelation – response” model during our worship services, which sees us share the teaching time closer to the beginning of the service, allowing time for us to respond in community to what was revealed from the scriptures.

As you enter the sanctuary, we begin our worship gatherings with a short introduction to the service. This time often includes a song, a scripture reading and Church Family Life – which is a time for us to hear about what is happening in the life of our church.

Following this short introduction to the service is the sermon, a teaching time from the scriptures which is usually about 30 minutes long.

After the sermon, we enter into a time of response to what God has revealed in the teaching of Scripture. We recognize that many people respond during times of song, but there are other important responses as well. We see silence, spoken prayer, the taking of communion, encouraging each other and even giving of our finances as ways we respond to God. In our gatherings, we want to have many ways for people to respond as we see Jesus revealed.

For our whole community of faith to respond, we also need a variety of ways of approaching “worship language.” There are many ways to express worship, but we want to make sure our expression comes from a right heart. Our desire at Forest Grove Attridge is to become passionate and authentic worshipers of Jesus. Even though our primary worship language includes contemporary music, we also want to reach out beyond our preferences and learn how to worship in ways beyond what might be most familiar to us.

Our  responses may including music, art, prayer, creative media and even silence. Occasionally we have baptism and communion components as well. Although we value all styles and ages of music, most of our music at our Attridge Congregation is led by a full band and is contemporary in feel.

We hope you are able to join us on a Sunday morning, as we study scripture and worship together.