Forest Grove Community Church Service Opportunities

Are you wondering about serving and where you fit in the church?  Serving in one of our ministry areas is a great way to meet new people and build the body of Christ. Here are some common questions people often have in this area:

  1. Is there a place to serve (volunteer) that matches my gifts, passions, abilities, personality and experiences?
  2. I’d like to serve, but I don’t know where the needs are?
  3. I’d like to serve but I’m not sure what my “spiritual gifts” are?  Actually…I’m not entirely sure what spiritual gifts are?
  4. Do I even have anything to offer? (many people often feel inadequate)

One of the best ways to begin this journey is to just start serving!  Find a ministry area that interests you, or has a need, and dive in.  Serving will give you a way to discover and test what fulfills you, what you are good at, and also what drains you or what you are not as good at.  As you are serving, others will begin to see and affirm things in you that will help you in this journey.

Current Service Opportunities


GroveKids is looking for people to lead the Grade 5&6 Small Group and the Grade 3 & 4 Girls Small Group. If you love kids and want to serve in this
way contact Maureen at the church office.

Young Adults:

People who love people. Our Young Adults need older Christians in their lives, so if you’re an “old-ish” Christian, and would enjoy having a one-onone
relationship with a youth or young adult in our church, let Spencer know!


Are you over 21 and interested in discipling the young people in our church? GroveYouth is in need of a few more mature youth leaders for our Jr. High youth program on Friday nights! For more information contact Chandra.

Do you love food? We do too. GroveYouth is looking for snack providers for Sr. High (Tuesday night) and Jr. High (Friday nights). We are also in need of meal providers for our Sr. High & Jr. High leadership teams 4 times a month (5:45 on a Tues or Fri). Contact Marley for more information.


We would love to provide childcare as part of our weekly Alpha on Sunday evenings from 5:30-8:00pm. If you are interested in helping to make that
possible contact Kevin.

Worship Ministries

We are currently looking for musicians who play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or drums to join our Sunday worship teams. We are also looking for people to join our tech teams in sound or video projection. For more information on these, or other creative forms of worship please contact Pastor Brad.


English Conversation Partners: We are looking for volunteers to help in our English conversation classes for newcomers to Canada from 9-10:15am
Sunday mornings at Attridge. Contact Maryanne for details.

Missions Event Coordinator: Do you love hospitality or serving in the Kitchen? A few times a year we organize and host lunches, dessert nights or brunches for our International workers who are home. Looking for someone to coordinate the kitchen for these events. Contact Maryanne for details.

Kyiv Billets

For the Kyiv Orchestra and Chorus, Thursday September 29, billets are needed for Thursday night. If you can billet, please contact Harry at the church office or 306-280-7147.