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Maureen Brown - May 8, 2016


One Big Story

From Series: "One Big Story"

Our culture continually tells us that life is all about "us". We might even believe this for awhile until we get that sinking feeling that something really important is missing as a foundation and purpose for our lives - something beyond our own individual 'happiness'. Our life story is filled with ups and downs, success and failure, joy and pain - and at times it can feel disconnected and fragmented. Your life story is important - and it is a story that is unfolding from the moment that you were conceived and created in the image of God, to that point in time when you draw your last breath here on earth. But your story will never truly makes sense until you understand it is part of One Big Story - God's gospel story. The gospel story of God does not begin in the New Testament, but emerges in the very first chapters of God’s creation and his desire for relationship us. It is a story that flows from Genesis to Revelation, covering the entirety of the Bible, finding the pinnacle of the story in the Gospels where we see the miraculous birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. "One Big Story" will look at eight distinct chapters - helping us to understand more of God's story, see our place in it, leading to worship and transformation.

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

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