LIFEtime Classes for Adults

You are invited to participate in the life-related growth opportunities on Sunday mornings, 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. LIFEtime will run from September 10 through to December 10.

Current LIFEtime Electives:

Gospel of Luke: September 10 to December 10

  • Open to all age groups, this class is part of the ongoing Scripture Press series. The focus of study will be the Gospel of Luke. This is an opportunity to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith. Key themes will include the kingdom of God; the cost of discipleship; the poor; and the cross, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. The greatest spiritual dividends will come to those who can be at all or most of the classes. However, the class is open to those who can only step in on occasion.
  • The class will be led primarily by Pastor H. Strauss. Location: Church Lounge

Free English Conversation Classes, September 10- December 17, 9 -10:15 am

  • The Basic class will provide practical topics and vocab to build conversation competence for newcomers to use in daily life. The Intermediate class will build vocab and understanding through the asking and answering of cultural questions through use of the Bible.
  • Also, more volunteers are needed for Fall as conversation partners or teachers in both classes. No experience needed!
  • Further, opportunity exists to host newcomers or international students for a meal or a holiday.
  • Contact Lori at (639) 317-4584, email: or Class Locations: Rooms 210 and 211.

Just for Baby Boomers – October 22

  • This one-Sunday class is specifically for Baby Boomers, those born roughly from 1946 to 1965 (those who are early 50’s to about 70 years of age). The class will provide an overview of the book Baby Boomers and Beyond, integrating it into the upcoming Baby Boomers YXE city conference, November 17-18. The conference will have Amy Hanson, author of Baby Boomers and Beyond, as the main speaker, as well as a number of workshops. More information can be found here.

Classes for Children and Families

PowerUp for Young Families

PowerUp resumes on September 17.

A high energy program of singing, skits and stories where kids and parents come together to learn about God’s big story and discover the active part they can play in the life-long adventure to be more like Him. This unique family experience opens the door for great conversations at home. For more information on PowerUp visit Location: Family Ministries Room

PowerUp does not run on Long Weekends.