We are excited to launch the 2017 ministry year of our Attridge Congregation of Forest Grove Community Church! Following our September 3 “Church in the Park” service we will launch our ministry year with a new series beginning on Sunday, September 10.

It is time to Launch our Fall Ministry Season

As our staff and ministry leaders prepare to launch our fall ministry season, we are excited about the potential to see how God is going to work through our Attridge Congregation of Forest Grove Community Church. One area we really wanted to make a priority this year is to help newcomers to our church feel connected throughout the fall and want to foster an environment where new people will quickly feel part of our community.

One way we are doing this is by encouraging those people who already consider our Attridge Congregation their church community to take an active role in welcoming new people during our fall services. Instead of a one weekend “Kick Off Service” we are planning a multi-week “Fall Launch.” During the first few weeks of September we will be hosting a Ministry Fair in the foyer following our Sunday gatherings. Our hope is that this Ministry Fair will help people find new ways to connect with others through participation in (or serving at) one of our many ministries. If you meet someone new to our church community we are hoping you will offer to show them around the church, answer questions they might have about our ministries and share with them ways they can connect with others.

We encourage you to keep your eyes open for newcomers to our church and invite them to join you for lunch following the service – either at your home or going out to a restaurant together. Why not invite them to join your small group? With a large congregation like ours, it is easy for people to fall through the cracks – and we want to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome! We realize that it is often difficult to recognize who is new to our community – so a great opening question is “How long have you been coming to Forest Grove Community Church?” No matter how long they have been attending – the question opens up the opportunity to make a new friend.

The idea of a “homecoming” or “re-gathering” of our church community after a busy summer is still very important to us – and we encourage you to join us on September 3 for our “Church in the Park” service, lunch and baptisms.  This is a great opportunity for our community to reconnect with each other.

Photography by Ben Tan

Faithful Presence

On September 10 we will begin a new series entitled “Faithful Presence.” Drawing from the book  “Faithful Presence” by David E. Fitch, the series will examine the question “Is there a way to be the church that engages the world, not by judgment nor accommodation but by becoming the good news in our culture?” The series will take us on a journey to rediscover seven disciplines that can help the church take shape in and among our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom. The seven disciplines are:

The Discipline of the Lord’s Table
The Discipline of Reconciliation
The Discipline of Proclaiming the Gospel
The Discipline of Being with “The Least of These”
The Discipline of Being with Children
The Discipline of Fivefold Gifting
The Discipline of Kingdom Prayer

As we examine these disciplines together, we are reminded that discipleship is at the core of all that we do as we’re called to be followers of Jesus. At Forest Grove Community Church, the four steps of discipleship are:

  1. Create Community
  2. Experience and Model Jesus’ Love
  3. Train One Another in Obedience
  4. Serve Others and Proclaim the Gospel

Each one of these gives a partial, but significant piece of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and also to disciple others. Together, they form a helpful framework that each one of us can work towards in our individual lives, but more importantly, our corporate lives together as a church. We are excited to explore these steps together as a church this fall, in order to see the transformation that Jesus brings to our lives.

Ministries Starting Up

Many of our ministries which took a break over the summer will be starting again in the next few weeks. Some of the start dates are listed below. For more information on these ministries – click on the name of the ministry to be redirected to their ministry page.

Sunday Ministries

LIFEtime for Adults – Begins September 10
Sunday Morning ESOL – Begins September 10
GroveKids Small Groups – Begins September 10
PowerUp for Young Families – Begins September 17

Weekday Ministries

GroveYouth – Sr. High – Begins September 5

Young Adults Ministry – Begins September 7

GroveYouth – Jr. High – Begins September 8

GroveKids Christmas Musical – Practices begin Sept 13

Senior’s Lunch – Begins September 21

MOMs Program – Begins September 26

Alpha – Begins October 4

GroveKids Midweek – Begins October 11

Attridge Ministry Fair

Fall means many of our ministries are starting up again! Ever wondered what all the ministries at Forest Grove are all about? Come check out our Attridge Ministry Fair after the service on Sept 10 and Sept 17.