If you have children, we offer exciting and safe programs for every age group! At Forest Grove Community Church we provide our children from 2 years old up to grade 6 an opportunity to be part of various children oriented activities as well as spending time with their families as part of an inter-generational worship service.

When you arrive, please visit our Welcome Centre or find a person wearing a lime green GroveKids T-Shirt and they would be happy to help you register your children for  GroveKids.

9:30 Service

During our 9:30 service we offer a drop off program centering around a small group time. Once your child is registered, we invite you to drop your child off at their classroom anytime after 9:20am.

After admitting your child to class, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and head into worship. Your child will do some activities initially and then work through the lessons for the day. After the sermon is completed, we invite parents to pick up their children from their small group classrooms and bring them into the service where we can worship Jesus together.

11:15 Service

During our 11:15 service we offer “Power-Up for Young Families.” Power-up is not a drop off program, as it is designed for children and caregivers to attend together. PowerUp consists of worship (led by our kids worship team – PowerUp Singers), relevant Bible stories, wacky skits, hilarious activities, and various media methods for communicating the virtuous life God desires us to live. Power-Up runs for 45 minutes, and concludes at 12:00pm.

Other Information

Our GroveKids Children’s programing sometimes changes on long weekends. Watch our website or our digital bulletin for details. Visit our GroveKids Page or contact the church office for more information on our GroveKids children’s programming.

If you have children and are interested in bringing them to learn more about the God of the Bible, Forest Grove Community Church is a great place where that can happen.