Kids are very important at Forest Grove Community Church! We know that raising kids in today’s world comes with many joys as well as challenges; that is why we want to support parents as the spiritual leaders of their home and partner with parents as you guide your children through the various stages of childhood.

Our desire is to help families be transformed in Jesus Christ. Family Ministries focuses on two things: Intergenerational Discipleship and Transforming Homes. Intergenerational Discipleship happens when all the ages teach and learn from one another. Transforming Homes happens when families are transformed in Jesus Christ.

GroveKids has an awesome team of caring and enthusiastic leaders who love kids and like spending time with them! All of our leaders are screened, trained and eager to make a difference for God!

GroveKids Programs



Sunday mornings @ 10:30am – July 1-August 26

This summer program is action packed with lots of fun, videos, and activities. God wants each of you to be OVERLOADED with CONFIDENCE. God wants you to live your life FULLY ALIVE because we can believe that what he says is TRUE!

GroveKids summer programming will run every Sunday from July 1-August 26 including long weekends. It will take place in the lounge from 10:30-11:15am. All Children must register each week at a check in station located near the lounge. See below for details for each age group:

  • Ages 2-5 Adult Accompanied: Parents/adults need to remain with 2-5 year olds for the duration of the program. If you want to coordinate with other families, we ask for a 1 adult:3 children ratio.
  • Grade 1-4 Students: Parents must pick up their child(ren) at 11:15am. Parents will show their pick up tag, enter the lounge, find their child(ren), then show their pick up tag as they exit the lounge.
  • Grade 5/6 Students: Must be registered but will be able to return to the service on their own at 11:15am.
NURSERY - Age 0-2

NURSERY – Age 0-2

Sunday mornings @ 10:30am

During the summer, our nursery is open for parents to use but is unsupervised by volunteers. We have an infant area with comfortable chairs for you to use as well as a fun toddler area with lots of toys for your little ones to play with!

When does my child move from the Nursery to the 2 year old class?

Enter 2 Year Old Class in September: Children must be 2 years old before September 30.

Enter 2 Year Old Class in January: Children must be 2 years old before January 1.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask someone at the welcome desk.

PRIMARY - Age 2-5

PRIMARY – Age 2-5

Sunday mornings @ 9:30am – September through May

Mornings in the GroveKids Primary classes start off with some play time, followed by singing and story with various story telling methods, making a craft together, and ending the morning with a small snack before parents pick up their kids. Throughout the year, children will learn that God made them, loves them, and wants to be their friend forever. Small groups are split by age based on schooling, with Age 2 beginning with children who turn 2 before September 30 that fall.

ELEMENTARY - Grade 1-4

ELEMENTARY – Grade 1-4

Sunday mornings @ 9:30am – September through May

GroveKids Elementary for Grades 1-4 begin the morning as a large group for teaching from a fun video series, then head into small groups for the last 15 minutes. This program is all about God’s rescue plan and how we fit into it. The children will be encouraged by their leaders and be challenged about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

ELEMENTARY - Grade 5/6

ELEMENTARY – Grade 5-6

Sunday mornings @ 9:30am – September through May

GroveKids Elementary for Grades 5 & 6 learns together as a large group each week. They also have a special role of being LITs (Leaders in Training) where once a month, they lead the Grade 1-4 in a bible lesson. These kids get to learn about discipleship through being discipled by their leaders as well as discipling the Grade 1-4s.

POWERUP - Families

POWERUP – The Whole Family

Sunday mornings @ 11:15am –  September through May

PowerUp is a program for the whole family of Age 2-Grade 6 kids (no drop off, parents stay to learn with their kids). This program consists of worship led by our kids worship team, Bible stories, wacky skits, hilarious activities, and various media methods for communicating the virtuous life God desires us to live.

MIDWEEK - Grade 1-6

MIDWEEK – Grade 1-6

Wednesday evenings @ 7-8pm (beginning October 12, 2018)

This action packed & fun hour will be filled with worship, bible stories/studies and a special small group time.  Midweek is designed to provide Grade 1-6 children an opportunity to invite their friends to join them and hear about Jesus!


Registration and Check In

If you’re new to GroveKids, your first stop when you arrive welcome desk with a member of our GroveKids team who will be wearing a green t-shirt. This is where you can register your child and get a name tag/pick up tag for the morning with matching codes. This is what you will present to the leaders to pick up your child. If you are just visiting, we’ll give you a visitor check in form so your child can still join the fun!

If you’ve been here before and have registered your child, you can proceed to one of the check-in stations where you will print name tags and pick up tags for the morning. These are different each week. Someone with a green t-shirt will be there to assist you.

If for any reason we need to reach you during the morning, you’ll see your child’s code in the lower corner of the screen in the worship service asking you to proceed to the Welcome Centre where a member of our GroveKids team will direct you.

Parent Resources

At GroveKids, we want to help equip parents to be the spiritual leaders to their kids. See the tabs below for more information.

Parent Resource Articles
Deuteronomy 6:6-7

These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

This may seem overwhelming to us as parents, but if you think of all the times in the day that you can impress the things of God on their hearts, it will become a natural part of what you do.  Think of it in terms of this chart below and ask yourself how can I bring God into this part of our day.

Get Involved

Do you love to work with children? Do you have heart for teaching them about Jesus? We would love to discern with you about serving with our GroveKids team. Begin the process by filling out the application form (please check all that apply) and Jodi Enns will contact you with various ways for you to get involved.

The time commitment to be a GroveKids leader is month on/month off. This means you will serve in GroveKids every other month, for each Sunday in that month (excluding long weekends).

GroveKids runs in the first service from 9:30-10:15am, allowing you to return to the first service response time or for the entirety of the second service.

See the tabs below for more information about what it looks like to be a leader in each age group. If you still have questions, we would love to chat with you about it!

Age 2-5 Small Group Leader

Age 2-5 Small Group Leader

Classes are divided by age 2, 3, 4 and 5

All classroom materials are prepared for you. In this role, we need willing people to share with kids the good news that God made them and He loves them. This is done through playing, singing, story telling, and craft making.

Grade 1-4 Small Group Leader

Grade 1-4 Small Group Leader

Small groups are divided by all Grade 1s, all Grade 2s, Grade 3/4 boys, and Grade 3/4 girls.

Teaching is done in a large group format where you sit with your small group and then you break off into your small group rooms for 15 minutes of follow up time. Our desire is for leaders to share how God made them, loves them and that God has a rescue plan through different activities such as games, journalling, activity sheets, etc. that the leaders choose themselves from our Resource Cabinet!

Grade 1-4 Large Group Teacher

Grade 1-4 Large Group Teacher

For all students in Grade 1-4 and their leaders.

With all the curriculum planned and prepped for you, we are looking for large group teachers that can facilitate and lead the large group teaching time for Grade 1-4. We use amazing media based curriculum called What’s in the Bible. This person would be responsible for previewing the planned lesson in preparation for sharing it with the kids and a willingness to grow in your teaching gifts.

Grade 5/6 Helpers

Grade 5/6 Helpers

For all students in Grade 5 & 6.

We need people with a discipling heart that are willing to hang out with our Grade 5 & 6 kids. The teachers are already in place, we just need a team to support the teacher and help disciple these amazing middle-school aged students. Our desire is for leaders to share how God made them, loves them, God has a role for them in his rescue plan, and can mentor them as young leaders!

Nursery Worker

Nursery Helper

For all children age 0-2.

The time commitment for nursery is one Sunday every 6 weeks.

The main priority for our nursery volunteers is simply to keep toddlers and babies safe – no diaper changing, just cuddling and loving is all that is needed.  If you aren’t comfortable with babies, we also have a toddler area in the nursery that needs supervision and care.

Leadership Team Resources

GroveKids Staff @ Attridge

Jodi Enns

Children’s Ministries Director

Maureen Brown

Family Ministries Pastor

Lizzie Rowan

Family Ministries Admin.