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GroveKids Primary Lessons Age 2-5

January Overview

February Overview

Music Resources: We are going to make a CD that has 8 songs on for each classroom so the children are learning the same songs as they go up to a new group.  The CDs aren’t ready yet but when they are a copy will also be posted here.  

GroveKids Elementary Lessons Grade 1 -4

What’s in the Bible: 

Below you will find some activity sheets you may want to use for your small group time.     A master copy of each of them will be in your small group box for copying.  You can email ahead of time to have copies made or feel free to copy them Sunday morning at the church when you arrive (hallway monitors would be happy to help as well:)

Pentateuch-Activity-Book    Think of others  Plan of Salvation  Learning About the Bible Good Shepherd   Good Samaritan   God’s Way   Creation – word search  Church – God’s family   Bible Word Search   Armor of God

January – What’s in the Bible Overview – Volume 3 (For information on how to watch videos go here)

February – What’s in the  Bible Overview – Volume 4 (For information on how to watch videos go here)

Small Group Leader Letter       Discipleship Steps for GroveKids Small Groups

Grade 5 & 6 Small Group – Meet in the Family Ministries Room 

So excited for a free app that will support you as you lead the Grade 5 & 6 small group.  Check it out here.  Grade 5 & 6 Small Group App.  I think you are going to want it!

January – Knowledge

  • January 1st – No GroveKids
  • January 8th – Lesson – Extra Credit (Boy Jesus at the Temple) – Video
  • January 15th – Lesson – The Big Dipper (Jesus’ baptism & John calls Jesus Lamb of God) – Video
  • January 22nd – Lesson – Talk to the Hand ‘Cuz the Savior Ain’t Listenin’ (Jesus tempted in the wilderness)- Video
  • January 29th – Lesson – Ask Away (John the Baptist in Prison) – Video

February – Love 


Life Apps :    *January – Knowledge   *February – Love    *March – Forgiveness

Overview: PowerUp Plan January – March 2017 (“Storytellers” listed are the character that appears in the script – still need to confirm who will be doing which week)