God’s Plan for Men

Our 3 night fall program is all about our identity in Christ.  What is a man called to do and how does that look in a relationship with Christ.  What is God’s Plan for Men? We will touch deep into the resolve of Christ and learn how we can model our lives to be closer to Jesus.

January 12, 6-8pm: Dress For Battle- Putting on the full armor of God Part 1
January 19, 6-8pm: Dress For Battle- Putting on the full armor of God Part 2
January 26, 6-8pm: Dress For Battle- Putting on the full armor of God Part 3


Each Saturday evening will consist of supper, teaching, learning, and a time for reflection and prayer.

Come out and join us in what might be the first day of the rest of your LIFE.

Our Mission

Real Men     Real Conversations     Real Truth

Group Teaching

Three times a year we meet in a large group setting to teach, learn, reflect and pray. Three Saturdays in October, January and April.  This is a great time to build on our faith, connect with more men coming into the ministry as well as strengthen the bond of men seeking Gods will.

Small Groups

Small groups is the main back bone of our ministry.  We work to develop the small groups through all that we do.  Men to seek God through discipleship.  We win the battle against Satan around the kitchen tables of men.  We strengthen our character with small group action and prayer.

Men’s Fellowship 

There is always someone you can reach out to.  Our mandate is clear.  Real Men for Real Conversations to gain Real Truth.  Men need men to reach out.  We all have a need to be heard and appreciated.  Our fellowship is just that.  Men in Christ so Christ can be in you.

Community Outreach

With the power to build many small groups we at R.E.A.L Men Ministries believe that it is our job to give back to the kingdom of God.  Our small Groups will join together to work with the ministry team to serve those who need it in our community.  Just like Jesus did, we serve everyone.