Welcome to Family Adventure!

Family Adventure is a series of four small group modules, each four weeks long, which educate parents on the basics of how to spiritually influence their children from infancy through adolescence.

This learning is done in a weekly small group setting so that parents can build relationships with other parents at a similar stage of life while sharing their own successes and challenges.

If you would like to sign up for any of the small group adventures please contact the main office at 306.933.2266 or email Kevin Wiens at kevin@forestgrovecc.com.

Adventure #1 – Preschool

Dates TBA

The basic foundations parents should implement to spiritually influence their children.
  1. Child Dedication – Why is it important to publicly commit to raising your child in a Christ-centered home? For more information visit our Parent and Child Dedication Page.
  2. Prayer & Blessing – How do we communicate God’s best desires into our child’s life?
  3. Family Time/Devotions – How can we be intentional in creating moments to pass on our faith?
  4. Church Community – How important is it to connect with others who will positively influence our child’s life?

Adventure #2 – Early Elementary

Dates TBA

The importance of helping children understand and live out the basics of the Christian faith.
  1. Accepting Christ – How and when do you lead your child to Christ?
  2. Prayer – How can you establish the practice of praying as a family? How should your child pray?
  3. Bible Basics – How do we help our child enjoy reading the Bible?
  4. Serving – How do we help our child think about others needs before their own?

Adventure #3 – Preparing for Adolescence

Dates TBA
The essential progressions required to establish a mature Christian faith.
  1. Money & Tithing – How do we help our children be generous and responsible with their money?
  2. Rebellion – How do we model and extend forgiveness to our children while implementing consequences?
  3. Boundaries – How do we establish boundaries so our children can learn to make their own decisions?
  4. Friendship – How do we find other people who will help guide our child in the same direction we are?

Adventure #4 – Preparing for Launch

Dates TBA

The process of developing an identity in Christ while preparing for the future.

  1. Developing an Identity – How do we affirm who God has made them to be?
  2. Independence & Responsibility – How do we know when they are ready to be independent?
  3. Discerning their “Call” – How can we help our child discern what God is calling them to do and be?
  4. Rite of Passage – How do we embrace the change in relationship from being a kid to being an adult?