We invite you to join us for our Advent Services which will be held Sunday Mornings in December at 9:30 and 11:15am at our Attridge Campus (502 Webster Street). During these gatherings we will be exploring the theme “More than Expected” through the teaching of scripture, congregational singing, and other forms of response.

We encourage you to join us for one of our Christmas Eve services at 5pm or 7pm.

More Than Expected. . .

Christmas is often referred to as a Season of Generosity. It is a time of year where people give sacrificially both to their friends and families – but also to support organizations or people in need. We believe that God is the source of generosity: as God gives to us it allows us to give to others. But God has called us to live generously throughout the year – not only at Christmas. This advent we will focus on what it looks like to live a life marked by generosity throughout the year.

Our Advent theme for 2018 is More Than Expected; Wait Longer, Create Better, Give More, Serve Passionately.

During the first week of advent we will look at what it means to be generous with our time, as we are encouraged to Wait Longer.

During the second week of advent, we will be challenged to be generous with our creativity. God is the great creator, and we were created in His image. I believe that part of being in His image is that there is a spark of creativity in every one of us, as we are co-creators with Him. During this advent season we encourage you to Create Better.

The third week of advent we will explore what it looks like to be generous with our material possessions – our money and the physical resources we have available to us. We are to live lives as wise stewards and generous givers as we are challenged to Give More.

Finally, during the fourth week of advent, we will delve into what it looks like to be generous with who we are. God gave of himself when he sent Jesus to earth. In the same way, we should give of ourselves to others. Our life is not our own but is to be lived in service to God, so we desire to Serve Passionately.

Advent Giving Project

For our 2018 Advent Giving project, we will once again be partnering with MCC for Buckets of Hope – and it is our goal to raise $20,000 for this project. In addition to financial donations, we are also accepting donations of various supplies for the buckets. These buckets will be made available to individuals in conflict regions around the world.

We will also be gathering on Sunday, December 16th from 4:00-5:30 at the MCC building (600 45 St W) to assemble the buckets. This is a great opportunity for all generations to join together to serve, and there will be ways for everyone from children to seniors to participate in the event.

We are also looking for donations of the following items for our Buckets of Hope project. Items can be dropped off at our Attridge Site. We will also be providing an opportunity for people to bring items forward during the response time at our services on Sunday, December 16.

(NEW items only, in original packaging, the bold items are the one in greatest need)

  • 4 large bars bath soap
  • 1 plastic bottle shampoo (380–710 ml; place in re-sealable plastic bag)
  • 4 large bars laundry soap (Sunlight ® brand preferred)
  • 4 adult-size toothbrushes
  • 4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colours)
  • 2 wide-tooth combs (15 cm–20 cm)
  • 1 fingernail clipper (good quality)
  • 1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40 count, assorted)
  • 1 package sanitary pads (18–24 count thin maxi)

Daily Advent Readings

Beginning Sunday, December 2, we will be posting a Daily Advent Reading on our Attridge Facebook Page. These readings were written by members of our staff, our international workers, ministry leaders and members of our congregation. Visit us daily on Facebook for a short reading to center your heart and mind on Jesus this Advent season as we dig deeper into each of the of these themes. Printed copies of the Daily Advent Readings are available from the Welcome Centre.

You can download a complete set of the Daily Advent Readings by clicking the button on the right.