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Encore Adults Upcoming Events

55 Alive Mature Driving Course

April 26th from 9-4:30 in the church lounge. This course is offered free of charge by SGI and offers classroom instruction only. It is designed to help you gain more confidence behind the wheel, update yourself on traffic laws, improve your awareness of traffic hazards, identify and correct bad driving habits and voice your concerns in a friendly, relaxed environment. Please bring a bag lunch

Call Delores at 306-933-2266  ext 225 or 306-381-5053 to register.

Evangelicals Understanding Catholicism: Foundations for Spiritual Conversations

A seminar on Catholicism will be held on Saturday, April 28 from 9 am-noon, and on Sunday, April 29  from 6pm-9pm.

The Saturday session (Part A) will provide an introduction to the Catechism, followed by a look at Catholic beliefs and practices as expressed via the Apostles’ Creed. The Sunday evening session (Part B) will give attention to the Sacraments, and conclude with what Evangelicals and Catholics can learn from each other.

A desired outcome from the seminar is that Evangelicals will be better informed for having spiritual conversations with Catholics and in relationship building. The seminar will be led by Pastor Harry Strauss. Location is the Lounge (Forest Grove).

Though registration is not required, a rsvp to harry@forestgrovecc.com or a text to 306-280-7147 would be helpful for planning.


You are invited to join us for growth opportunities through LIFEtime, Sunday mornings at 11:15am. Click here for more information on our current LIFEtime classes.

Seniors Luncheon

Thursdays at 12 noon at FGCC. Meetings occur twice a month, September to June. The meetings consist of a noon meal, followed by a program with music ministry and a speaker. Topics of focus have included missions, biblical teaching, church ministries, expressions of encouragement, and more.  For meal tickets ($13) call Irene Dyck 306-373-3478.

 Small Groups

Opportunity exists to become part of a small group, meeting on a regular basis, largely to cultivate faith, to live dependent on God, to nurture relationships, and to give expression to relevant ministry. If you are interested in being part of a small group, contact Pastor Harry Strauss at 306-933-2266 ext. 234.

Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue Through Small Group LIfe

Pastor Harry Strauss has compiled a seven-session resource entitled, Evangelicals and Catholics in Dialogue: A Small Group Discussion Guide. He is looking for people who would like to be involved (post Easter) as participants, as well as potential leaders. The task for leaders would be to reach out to Catholics and Evangelicals, first in establishing a group, and then, in facilitating the small group over seven meetings. Past participants have valued the spiritual conversations around Jesus Christ.