Baby Boomers

  • The Big Shift. Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlifeby Marc Freedman. This book tracks the big shift that is presently happening where baby boomers will not retire in the traditional sense. Rather they will stay engaged, largely because of the added longevity of life. The Big Shift chronicles the day of opportunity as boomers assess the contributions they can make over the next 20 to 25 years. To order click here
  • Boomers on the Edge. Three Realities That Will Change Your Life Forever, by Terry Hargrave. This is an outstanding book that charts three realities facing baby boomers across North America. Those realities are i) care for aging parents ii) care for adult children….some of whom move back home, and iii) retirement. The book is full of practical and helpful advice. Interest with just one of the three realities merits purchase of this resource. To order click here
  • Encore. Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life by Marc Freedman. Written primarily to baby boomers, this book looks at the phenomenal change happening across North American, where more and more boomers will stay engaged in working, even past the traditional retirement points. To order click here


  • Evangelical-Catholic Statement of Common Beliefs, Differences, Missional Opportunities.Saskatoon Catholics and Evangelicals in dialogue have produced a draft statement that outlines the beliefs, differences, and opportunities. To access the document please Click 2015 Called to Common Witness  for link.


  • The New Retirement. How it Will Change our Futureby Sherry Cooper. This book, written from a Canadian perspective provides insight on financial planning for retirement. To order click here
  • Retirement’s Harsh New Realities, Protecting Your Money in a Changing Worldby Gordon Pape. This long time Canadian financial guru provides insight into appropriate financial planning for retirement years.  To order click here
  • Willing Wisdom.7 Questions to Ask Before you Dieby Thomas William Deans. This book is about the collaborative family process in preparing one’s will. It is easy to read, written as a conversation between three individuals. It is full of practical insight and wisdom.  To order click here


  • Thriving Grandparents: Exploring the Root Causes of Success in Grandparenthood.This four page newsletter provides summary findings from a group of about 40 grandparents on what it takes to thrive as grandparents. The grandparents, almost all from Forest Grove, provided their input and stories. To read the newsletter please click here

 Heaven Bound

  • Nearing Home. Life, Faith, and Finishing Well, by Billy Graham. In this book Billy Graham is very transparent about the passing of his wife Ruth, and the adjustments he has had to make. And at the same time he shares the core message that he has preached through all his years of ministry. To order click here


  • The Blue Zones. Lessons for Living Longer from Those who have Lived the Longest, by Dan Buettner.  This is an interesting book that presents practises and habits by those who are among the longest living people on earth. Much to be learned from the various centenarian groupings identified. To order click here
  • A Long Bright Future. Happiness, Health, and Financial Security in an Age of Increased Longevity, by Laura Carstensen. Life expectancy, over the last 100 years, had increased a staggering 30 plus years. Unprecedented! This book, optimistic in its approach, calls for a different way of how life might be lived.  To order click here


  • 30 Lessons for Living. Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans, by Karl Pillemer. The author surveyed over a 1000 seniors asking their advice on a range of life related matters such as marriage, children, work, recreation, spirituality, health, etc. The outcome is this delightful book full of helpful insight into the living of life. Of course the book could be read at any stage of life, but its greatest value may come in being read by those in the first half of life.  To order click here