We invite you to join us for our Advent Services which will be held Sunday Mornings in December at 10:30 am at our Attridge Campus (502 Webster Street). During these gatherings we will be exploring the theme “He is Coming” through the teaching of scripture, congregational singing, drama and other forms of response.

There will be no morning gathering on Sunday, December 24 – but we encourage you to join us for one of our Christmas Eve services at 5pm or 7pm.

Other Christmas Events

We have a number of other events through-out the Christmas Season that you can join us for. Click the events below for more information on it.

Seniors Christmas Banquet – December 7

GroveKids Christmas Musical – December 10

Christmas Eve Services – December 24 at 5pm and 7pm

He is Coming. . .

A Message from Pastor Brad. .  .

For many years it was my tradition at Christmas to take in a live performance of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.”  Tom Wood’s stage adaptation of the book and his portrayal of the crotchety old Scrooge was magical. As a bit of a theatre buff, I was always impressed with the incredibly creative interpretations which the artistic team brought to the expressions of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Each time period had its own look, its own feel, its own personality.

As we turn our eyes towards Jesus this Advent season, we see Jesus as the ultimate expression of this concept of past, present and future. He is the one who was, who is, and who is to come (Rev 1:8). He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8). We can even understand His Coming in these three times:

The Coming of Christ in the Flesh in Bethlehem
The Coming of Christ in our Hearts Daily
The Coming of Christ in Glory at the End of Time

1st Week of Advent

During the first week of advent, we will focus our sights on the shepherds, as we examine His Coming in the Flesh in Bethlehem.

These shepherds were the first guests of honor. Having found Jesus and His mother and father, the shepherds began to praise and worship God for their eyes had seen the thing which God spoke to them through His angels.

When the angels appeared to these shepherds they were “shaking in their boots” with fear. But now, after having found the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothing as they were told, they rejoiced with joy and excitement that was beyond measure and comprehension.

Through their encounter with The Baby, shepherds were changed from timid men to confident men proclaiming Christ. Which raises the question “Is it possible to truly engage with Christ and not be changed?”

2nd Week of Advent

As we enter the second week of advent, we will shift our focus to the innkeeper, as we examine His Coming in our Hearts, Daily.  Initially, the innkeeper didn’t have room for Jesus, which raises the question, “Do we make room in our hearts for Christ on a daily basis?”

This can be scene as a two-part question – a salvation question for people who have never entered into relationship with Jesus – and a discipleship question for those who are in relationship with Jesus, “are you making room for Him on a daily basis – and not just fitting Him in when there is time.”

But many of us are scared to be alone with God. Being busy excites us. Accomplishing things helps us feel important. We think there are people who need us now and things that we have to get done ASAP. We may thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes with responding to the urgent.

When we make room for Jesus, opening up our hearts to Him, then we learn to enjoy His peace. The Silent Night is a Holy Night as we discover that “All is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin, mother and child.”

How does Jesus make a difference in your life on a daily basis?

3rd Week of Advent

The third week of advent sees our focus shift from His first coming, to His Coming in Glory at the End of Time. Advent is not only a time to look back and remember the first coming of Christ – but is a time we look forward, with great anticipation, for Christ’s return.

With the political unrest we are currently witnessing around the world, many people are thinking about “the last days” and the end of the world. But are we truly ready for Christ to Return? Is it the longing of our hearts, as it was for the early church? When we sing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” are we only remembering the longing of Israel for His first coming, or is this song the desire of our heart for Christ’s return? If we believe that Christ’s return is imminent, how does that affect the way we interact with the non-believers that have been placed in our circle of influence?

I am excited to see how the exploration of these themes will impact our congregations as we prepare to celebrate the Incarnation – Emmanuel – God With Us.

Daily Advent Readings

As we journey through Advent, we will be posting a Daily Advent Reading on the  main page of our website and also on our Attridge Facebook Page. These readings were written by members of our staff, our international workers, ministry leaders and members of our congregation. Visit us daily for a short reading to center your heart and mind on Jesus this Advent season as we dig deeper into each of the of these themes. Printed copies of the Daily Advent Readings are available from the Welcome Centre.

You can download a complete set of the Daily Advent Readings by clicking the button on the right.