Visiting with Us?
We love visitors and cannot wait to meet your family on Sunday mornings!

Upon arriving, a friendly face will greet you at the door and will be happy to direct you to our GroveKids Welcome Centre where you can complete a visitors form, receive class locations, be given security nametags, and answer any questions you may have.  Just look for someone in a lime green T-shirt and they will be happy to help you.

Check-in and Pick-Up Process
At Forest Grove Community Church, we take the safety and security of your children very seriously. Upon arrival, visit one of our Check-In Kiosks located in the foyer by the coffee area. Enter the last four digits of your phone number to check your children in.

Security Name Badges: you will receive two stickers. Place the sticker with the GroveKids logo on it on your child’s back. The second sticker is for you to keep and present at check-out time. Babies will receive an additional sticker to place on their diaper bag.

To Pick-Up your child, present your sticker to your child’s teacher. Children will not be released without the corresponding sticker.

Once your child is Checked-In, we invite you to drop your child off at their classroom anytime after 10:20am.

After admitting your child to class, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and head into worship. Your child will do some activities initially and then work through the lessons for the day. After the sermon is preached, we encourage parents to quickly pick up their kids and return to the service where we can worship Jesus together.

Children’s programming sometimes changes on long weekends.

GroveKids Worker Approval
In order to provide the safest environment for your children, we require our GroveKids workers to complete an application form, an interview and discernment process and complete a background check.